9 Incredible Websites to Stream Free Movies

9 Incredible Websites to Stream Free Movies -

Who doesn’t like to watch free movies? Every week, new movies are released and made available on streaming platforms. But the platforms streaming movies in high quality are paid. You need a subscription plan to access movies and TV shows on these platforms. However, this is not always the case. 

9 Incredible Websites to Stream Free Movies -

There are many ways to stream free movies and TV shows. Watching free movies is a convenient way to take a break from work and relax without paying anything. Here in this post, you will know about 7 effective platforms to stream free movies that really work. So, let’s know about these platforms and let the entertainment continue. 


Crackle, a stalwart in the streaming world, has been time tested for years. Unlike its counterparts, this platform operates on a no-cost basis, sustaining itself through the ads integrated smoothly into the viewing experience. Boasting an easily navigable interface, even newbies can comfortably browse through its diverse content library. The movies and shows are categorized by genre, title, and alphabetical order, offering a seamless entertainment for users.

Notably, Crackle reserves a special enclave for foreign films, adding a unique global flavor to its content. Rooted in the United States, this movie streaming haven might require a VPN for those situated beyond its borders. You can immerse yourself for an ad-supported cinematic journey that comes with the tagline of “free” in bold letters.


9 Incredible Websites to Stream Free Movies -

Stepping into the realm of Popcornflix, another cinematic hub beckons with over 2000 movies across various categories. This too follows the ad-supported model, capitalizing on advertisements to keep the cinematic wheels turning. Having a collection of popular motion pictures and blockbuster hits, PopcornFlix supports streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Android, and iOS devices.

What sets PopcornFlix apart is its liberating stance on subscriptions – none required. A simple installation of its app opens the doors to a cinematic universe compatible with a myriad of devices and video players. The user-friendly interface and seamless navigation make PopcornFlix a compelling contender in the world of free movie streaming. Embark on a cinematic journey without the shackles of subscriptions, and let the reels roll.


Pluto TV offers a unique website compared to typical movie streaming services. Beyond on-demand movies and TV shows, it features live programming presented in a guide format like that of cable or satellite TV.  

Pluto offers various ongoing programs through categorized channels or and the On Demand tab, where thousands of movies and TV shows are neatly sorted for easy browsing. Best of all, all the content on Pluto TV is completely free, supported by ads.


9 Incredible Websites to Stream Free Movies -

Kodi is not a website but a media player that users can install on their device to stream movies and TV shows. Firestick users can install Kodi to stream content from multiple platforms. Unlike other platforms, kodi does not have a movie library, but it allows you to stream movies from multiple platforms. As there is no content in Kodi, you need to install some addons or builds on your Firestick to stream content. 

A Kodi addon can help you stream content from multiple platforms. However, a Kodi build is a preconfigured version of Kodi that comes with specific settings, addons and themes. According to Firesticktricks.com, the Kodi builds contain various video addons and themes for all your streaming needs. Installing a Kodi build on Firestick, allows you to stream thousands of movies and TV shows and also organize them in the Kodi app. You can choose a theme to make the Kodi app visually appealing. 

Peacock TV

Peacock, TV holds a fantastic spot for  among free movie streaming platforms Despite its global accessibility, a slight drawback places it in second position—Peacock’s impressive library is now exclusive to existing free account holders. 

They enjoy ad-supported viewing, but new users must subscribe to Peacock TV. Users should consider that Peacock TV is accessible in the U.S. and a handful of other countries. For those outside these regions, a VPN is your ticket to stream free movies on this amazing platform.


If you’ve ever searched movies or actors online, you’ve likely encountered IMDb. Surprisingly, IMDb TV is their free streaming platform, offering a legal way to watch movies. Post-Amazon acquisition, IMDb TV is now available on Amazon, providing a smaller yet free collection of movies and TV shows.

However, IMDb TV is exclusively available in the US. To enjoy it elsewhere, you need to use a VPN to access movies. The advantage of this website is that almost all movies are available, whether you look for retro style classics or latest blockbusters.

Yes Movies

Yes Movies stands out for its hassle-free movie streaming. New users don’t need to sign-up on this website. With an extensive library featuring not only English movies but also international films, navigating through genres is a breeze. Despite occasional pop-ups, it’s an excellent choice for a seamless dive into the world of movie streaming.


Plex TV caters to fans of independent films, documentaries, Hollywood movies, and vintage productions. With on-demand shows, films, and live TV channels spanning various genres, Plex offers a comprehensive entertainment catalog. 

No mandatory account creation for watching, but having one allows easy access to other subscriptions and content uploads. While available outside the U.S., the best content quality is found within. Opt for a VPN to unlock the access to top-notch Plex movies from any location.


123Movies consistently appears on every online streaming list. Offering a collection of the best movies and timeless classics, it’s your one-stop-shop for free movies and TV shows. No log-ins or payments necessary, just a straightforward homepage with a search bar and categories. While the ‘play’ button might need a few presses, the impressive movie list and high-quality streaming make 123Movies worth for movies.

Summing Up

Streaming free movies can be fun, whether you watch them alone or with your buddies. All the websites mentioned above are among the best platforms to stream free movies. Most of them offers services in the United States. You can stream movies from any of them outside the US using a VPN. So, try these websites and get ready for fun filled movie shows.