9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content

Nearly 90% of marketers use videos as marketing tools for several reasons.

One is: 85% of US online surfers watch video content monthly on their devices. Second, more than half of consumers demand more video content from their favorite brands, among others.

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online
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There are a lot of potential buyers and sales opportunities waiting for you to grab ASAP!

Do this with these eight strategic ways to market your ecommerce store with video content.

1. Demonstrate how to use your product.

Show your customers how to set up and use your product. 

Doing so tells your customers how feasibly they can operate it and maximize features for best results, convincing them to buy more easily. 

Demonstrative videos also show viewers the proper way of using and taking care of your product according to its design.

For example, Britax teaches customers how to attach the harness straps of their Advocate Clicktight car seat to the product’s yoke.

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

Additionally, produce complementary demo videos on installing and troubleshooting your product. Specify the issues and ways to resolve each of them.

If you offer applications or Software as a Service (SaaS) such as Human Resource (HR) software, publish short yet comprehensive videos for troubleshooting to resolve common issues. 

You can even create a series of mini videos proving your item’s durability or capacity.

This adds value to your demo videos and drives them to consume more of your video content, boosting your traffic, customer engagement, and potential sales.

2. Partner with influencers.

40% of shoppers buy an item after seeing influencers use it on social media. This proves how influencer marketing is one of the most impactful ecommerce marketing strategies.

Partner with influencers in your niche to exhibit your product through user reviews, endorsements, unboxing videos, and more.

Find the right influencers with tools such as Heepsy.

Type in your industry, say, “fashion.” Once the tool yields results, click on one to view the influencer’s profile, which looks like this:

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

Heepsy then presents various details, such as the influencer’s number of followers. It also reports the performance metrics, contact details, and others separately.

Leverage influencer videos to widen your brand awareness, customer reach, and increase potential sales.

Additional tip: You can buy Instagram accounts with established and numerous followers on Social Tradia to support your social media marketing efforts while saving time, energy, and money. 

3. Go live on social media.

More than 80% of audiences prefer watching live streams from brands over reading their blog posts, making live videos one of the best ways to promote your offers.

Engaging your audience in real-time lets you reach targeted viewers, catch their attention, and create a sense of urgency to act. 

Promote your content, sales offers, activities, etc., by going live on your social media platforms.

For instance, if you have a Facebook page, go live by clicking Live under the “Create Post” box.

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

Facebook leads you to a separate page with options and settings for your live stream, such as embedding the video, letting viewers rewind, restricting comments, and more.

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

You can even choose to go live right away and schedule the event, among others.

Live videos can help you increase audience engagement and drive high-quality traffic to your landing page, boosting your conversions. 

4. Showcase customer testimonials and success stories.

More than 70% of consumers claim that positive reviews boost their trust in a brand. 

That said, persuade your prospects to try out your product by showcasing testimonial videos.

Leverage some of the simplest ecommerce platforms that let you showcase video customer testimonials or embed them on your website easily. 

bioClarity, for instance, features a story by Jules Hunt, who runs a mindful lifestyle blog, Om & The City.

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

Note that Jules’ blog matches bioClarity’s clean, green skincare ethos. Like bioClarity, boost your credibility by featuring stories of customers engaged in relevant niches.

This tactic also goes well also when you’re offering services such as spa and massage, online courses, SaaS technologies, certification programs for launching coaching careers, and how to buy blog articles with ease. 

5. Share life hacks.

Share tips and tricks related to your industry that can help customers save resources and enhance their lifestyles. 

You can even inspire aspiring entrepreneurs in your audience to start running an online store by sharing some life hacks and best tips through video.     

This serves as a valuable addition to your products, motivating your buyers to consume your content even more.

Birchbox Grooming, for example, shares 4 Cologne Hacks for Smelling Even Better: 

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

It then demonstrates each step, like this:

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

If you have previously created cornerstone content such as long-form how-to guides, produce shorter versions in this video format. 

By creating life hack videos such as these, you can provide relevant, real-life solutions that allow customers to return to your site or social channel.

6. Repurpose webinar content.

If you’ve previously conducted webinars through online course platforms such as Kajabi, Teachable, or Ruzuku, you can repurpose your recorded videos by extracting chunks of your video content for various marketing campaigns.

For instance, you can create short FAQ videos based on questions raised, listicle videos highlighting the main points, and a themed blog post series. You can even reuse portions of your webinar as teasers promoting future or repeated sessions.

When extracting parts from your recording, use stellar video conferencing software or webinar platforms at the onset to retain the quality of resolution.

Once you’ve listed several content materials to repurpose and plan your production, distribution, optimization, and other tasks. Leverage content management tools to help you:

  • Organize your repurposed webinar content pieces
  • Streamline associated processes
  • Ensure the quality of your materials
  • Collaborate smoothly with your team, and
  • Track your content’s performance.

7. Tell a story and evoke emotions.

Create storytelling videos that resonate with your audience’s feelings and sentiments. This humanizes your brand, reinforces your image, and lets you connect meaningfully with them.

Relate your plot with your customers’ life experiences, highlight their challenges and how they overcame them, including their thoughts and emotions. 

Tie it in with your brand message and illustrate your values.

Coca-Cola tells of a touching commercial called A Bridge for Santa:

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

Running for over four minutes, the video tells of a boy who believes Santa exists, but couldn’t go to their town because his dad hasn’t fixed the bridge his carriage is supposed to cross.

When his dad couldn’t fix it by himself, the town helped out and finished it. Santa then crossed the bridge that night in a brightly lit Coca-Cola Christmas truck, holding a show for the community.

The video recalls themes of believing and wishes coming true, along with sub-themes of falling in love again and achieving great things in unity.

Coca-Cola subtly and prominently displayed its product throughout. It ended with a short message and CTA to visit their site and find out when the truck is passing by viewers’ regions.

Emotional storytelling videos like these are shareable due to their powerful message and entertainment value, making your brand memorable, popular, and patronage-worthy.

Additionally, increase your videos’ and web page’s visibility by optimizing for mobile-first indexing and search engines.   

8. Unwrap your product kit for the month.

Revealing your product kits excites your customers to know what they have in store. Do it regularly (say, monthly) to make them look forward and follow your video content.

Dermcare, for instance, releases monthly BeautyFix box reveals, publishing them on its blog page, like this:

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

In its BeautyFix boxes, Dermcare features various body, face, and skincare items recommended for specific seasons or purposes, such as hair softening, skin renewal, etc.

Use this technique as well to introduce new or special products, the way Frank Body did:

9 Strategies to Market Your Ecommerce Store with Video Content - Making Money Online

Frank Body titled its videos as “Meet My Iced Coffee Kit,” “Meet My Shiny Things Kit,” and others. It also used pastel pink and violet colors for a fun, creative vibe.

Product sets like these not only attract your customers but also help increase your margins and sales more quickly. Do this by grouping complementing top and low-selling items together.

Additional tips: Assess the performance and effectiveness of your video marketing strategies using some of the best marketing analytics software. Doing so gives you insights as to where you’re succeeding or failing in your efforts and should make the right improvements.   

Market your store with videos now.

Leverage videos to attract more shoppers, expose your brand, and increase your profit and conversions.

Apply these strategies, and you’ll enhance your performance and ramp up your ROI. Video marketing is worth putting your resources into, spelling out a difference you can’t afford to miss.

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