A Complete (and Free) Security Solution for WordPress Blogs

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As most of our readers know, we run a networks of blogs, all of which are powered by wordpress, which is considered by far the most popular and easy to use platform. However awesome may  WordPress seem, it has one little problem: security holes. How many times have you ended up reinstalling the entire blog and sometimes even losing tons of important data just because your software was outdated and someone found a security hole in it. In most cases we are dealing with bots rather than personal vendetta, but it doesn’t make you feel any better knowing the attack was random, right?

This is where a brand new security tool comes into picture – introducing cloudsafe365, a complete security solution that helps you sleep at night.

A Complete (and Free) Security Solution for Wordpress Blogs - blog

CloudSafe365 is a simple and extremely easy to use WordPress plugin that seamlessly prevents malicious requests from reaching your html layer on web hosting server. Regardless of the web hosting company you are using, security vulnerabilities pop out daily on every server, predominantly targeting websites powered on a wordpress database, which is why it’s so important to add an extra layer of protection to your security shield.  Powered by a cloud based radial XPengine™, it sifts though the server and uproots maliciously injected code, script and sensitive information.  CloudSafe365 even goes further and created securely encrypted backups to prevent any loss of important data. When you are running CloudSafe365, you will be just one mouse-click away from a complete data recovery. While personal and small business blogs may not need more than a weekly backup; busy, high traffic and frequently updated blogs with multiple users, sometimes  require hourly backups, and CloudSafe365 provides a perfect solution for anyone.

A Complete (and Free) Security Solution for Wordpress Blogs - blog

Now we are coming to the most important question, how much does it cost? Well, it’s rather affordable. It’s FREE. After a close examination and comparison, I can tell that the free version covers pretty much everything you need, including real time data backups (every time you make changes to your DB), it prevents SQL injections and offers a basic vulnerability defense and weekly email reports.

However, if you are running a blog integrated with e-commerce platforms (which processes payments and stores sensitive information), or if you have a very busy blog that requires in-depth content protection, advanced spam management,  additional ‘Dropbox’ online backups, and deeper security, a “PLUS” version of the plugin is also available, for a ridiculously low, $15 monthly fee. While it may sound like a lot of money to bloggers who run a non-profit blog in the first place, I am sure you would agree that blogs generating thousands of dollars in profit can spare $15 a month for a peace of mind and complete protection for their and their clients data.

The best part of this plugin is that you can use it free, which means basically an unlimited trial period, during which you can test its’ functionality for yourself and get a small taste of how it feels to run a completely secure blog. CloudSafe365 also offers an affiliate program where you can make 20% off all referred payments.




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