A Quick Guide To Roller Banner Stands

A Quick Guide To Roller Banner Stands -

When you’re on the road with your business, you need to make sure that you are advertising your message in the most effective way. A roller banner – also known as a pop-up banner – is a great way to get you noticed, giving a good impression of your business and a clear overview of what you do.

A Quick Guide To Roller Banner Stands -

Specialist roll up banner provider, Where The Trade Buys, has provided a guide on how to make the most of a roller banner at your next event.


A Quick Guide To Roller Banner Stands -

When it comes to business branding, colour is extremely important – and your roller banner is no exception. Your roller banner should represent your business’ branding. Make sure the colours tie-in with your corporate colours and logo. Less is more too – let one key company colour do the talking if you think too many colours might be distracting.

Make it stand out

Like most marketing and advertising methods, roller banner stands only get one opportunity to grab the attention of a potential customer – if it doesn’t catch their eye the first time, the chances are it won’t catch their eye on a second or third time. A clever phrase or direct address of the audience is a good way to go. Keep your choice to just one phrase, as too many in one place can be confusing and dilutes your message. Keep your main message at eye-level.

Get your image right

Your image should be relatable and attention grabbing to your target audience. Use a professional image or photograph if possible. In terms of image spec, make sure it’s high-quality — 300dpi — and in CMYK colour profile ready for print.

Contact details

Onlookers who are interested need to be given a call to action, so make your contact details clear. Especially at an exhibition, when people may not get an opportunity to speak to you, you want to make sure they are given the opportunity to get in touch another time. They can quickly jot down a phone number or email address and get in touch at a time that’s convenient to them. Make sure to include a website, telephone number and email address. If you’re active on social media, why not add your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and encourage follows right there and then?

Business logo

This one may seem fairly obvious, but you must include your logo and ideally it should be at the top of banner with your main message at eye level. People who are already familiar with your brand will recognise it immediately, as well as for those new to your brand, it’s in the right place to be seen and recognised.