Adsense Breaking News: Expandable Ads Announced

The guys behind Google Adsense do not often pamper their publishers with new ad formats, but when t finally happens, we are all exited head over heals. Now, recent update took place yesterday, when Google announced “Expandable Ads”.

I probably wouldn’t want to test these ads myself, as I believe they will have same click-through-rate as link units, because it requires the visitors to take 2 actions for publisher to get paid. Main reason I gave up Kontera was because these types of ads irritated and didn’t pay out, so despite the temptation, I would probably pass on this feature. How about you? Also, the feature is only available for US and Europe residents, so not everyone will get to see it on their account page (yet?)


Expandable ads will be served as third-party ads and will be created by Google-certified rich media vendors for the top display advertisers in our network. And like other Google ads, you’ll earn based on whether the expandable ads on your site are priced on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. Keep in mind that you’ll generate earnings from CPC expandable ads when a user visits the advertiser’s landing page, and not when a user simply clicks to expand the ad.

Bear in mind that new ad formats still have some TOS to comply with, including:

  • Ads will expand only after a user clicks and interacts with the ad. Mouseovers or rollovers won’t trigger the ad, in order to prevent accidental expansions.
  • An expandable ad won’t expand more than double its width or height.
  • Once expanded, the ad will appear as a layer over the page content so that your content will not be modified or shifted in any way.
  • The user may close the expanded panel at any time.
  • All expandable ads must comply with our standard AdWords image ad policies .

More details on the new feature can be found on Adsense Blog