All You Need to Know About Different SSL Certificates, But Had No One To Ask

SSL certificate

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and ensures that data that a visitor sends via the website is automatically encrypted. This means that data is packaged in a code in such a way that it can not be deciphered by third parties.

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Because hackers are becoming smarter in finding out personal data, it is important to be ahead of them. Website visitors do not want their confidential information such as passwords, personal information, and payment information to be put on the street. It also happens quite regularly that hackers copy a website so that the visitor thinks to be on your website, but in reality, delivers their sensitive information directly to hackers.

With an SSL certificate, you can easily prevent this misery. With the certificate, the visitor can see through the browser that the website is secure. The internet address will receive an extra “s” (https://) and a closed lock in the status bar. Moreover, there are certificates that light up the bar green.

How does an SSL work?*rNm1BMewd0pt4lJDpcRpQw.jpeg

The internet consists of a stream of information exchanges between millions of computers, laptops and other multimedia channels. Between these different streams, it is theoretically possible for third parties to extract information from one of the streams. Compare it to a mail item. When you have done this in the post, it is possible that this is opened, read and changed on the way.

To prevent third parties from obtaining information from outside, it is necessary to encode this data. Now the function of an SSL certificate comes into play. The server where your website or webshop is located generates a so-called unique key with a code for every visitor. When a visitor provides sensitive information, it is then packaged in the code and sent back to the server. After that, it is only possible for you to request the information because the server has the key to decipher the code. The data flow is therefore no longer transparent for third parties.

Secure your website and e-shop

How often do you read that hackers have recovered hundreds, sometimes thousands, of personal data? Prevent becoming a victim and secure your website with an SSL certificate.

You do not want sensitive information to be retrieved by third parties via your website or online shop. That is why it is important to properly secure the website or web shop. With an SSL certificate, you ensure that data is encrypted when a website visitor has sent it via the website. Moreover, the website visitor knows immediately that he or she is acting with a trustworthy organization and personal information can not be intercepted.

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A win-win situation with SSL certificate

SSL certificates are very popular with companies that sell products or services online. Purchasing an SSL certificate not only results in more trust with website visitors but also makes him or she decide more quickly to proceed to a transaction. Research has shown that entrepreneurs who have purchased an SSL certificate have managed to generate up to 5% more turnover.

Which certificate do I need for my website?

An Essential SSL protects your website to a limited extent. If you have a small readership or a fixed user group that approaches your website, this certificate offers sufficient protection. You can think about an intranet here.

An Essential SSL certificate can be requested on 1 sub-domain, for example, your domain name with www. or portal. written for it. After your certificate has been requested, it will be checked whether the data correspond to the administrative details of the domain name holder and your certificate is immediately active.

A website visitor sees in his browser an https indication and a lock. FireFox users can also see a blue bar.

HTTP encryption multiple subdomains

Wildcard Essential SSL

Do you want to secure multiple sub-domains on the same domain name? Then a Wildcard SSL certificate is a perfect and affordable option. The certificate, like Essential SSL, protects a website with a small user group. Think, for example, of an intranet or a small, compact website.

The Wildcard SSL certificate applies to all subdomain names on a single level. The certificate is requested with * The security is then always shown at each subdomain. It does not matter whether a website visitor www., Shop., Action. Or key in your domain name for the point. After your certificate has been requested, it will be checked whether the data matches the details of the domain name, after which it is immediately active.

With a Wildcard Essential SSL, the website visitor sees an https indication and a lock in his browser. FireFox users can also see a blue bar.
encryption online shop

Instant SSL

Do you have an informative website, forum or a website where you use a contact form? Then an Instant SSL certificate offers the right security for your website. The certificate provides protection for an external audience.

Instant SSL certificates are requested on 1 subdomain (for example, www.). It is important here that the application data correspond with that of the domain name holder data (as is known in the Whois). In addition, it is checked whether the data correspond to the data from the Chamber of Commerce.

With an Instant SSL certificate, the internet address gets an extra “s” (https: //) and a closed lock in the status bar of the browser. FireFox users also see a blue bar. In addition, the company details are included in the certificate. This allows a visitor to actually determine the identity of the organization behind the website.

Extra encryption SSL


An EV SSL certificate offers the visitor 100% guarantee that he or she is dealing with the right organization behind the website. A website or eshop is optimally secured so that customers and visitors can provide personal details and payment details online without any worries. This SSL certificate is recommended for eshops.

An EV SSL can be requested on 1 subdomain. For a webshop this can be or if your eshop is directly on your homepage, The verification of the certificate takes a few days because, in addition to the domain name holder’s checks, data and Chamber of Commerce data are also contacted by telephone with the organization. An authorized person must give approval by telephone for the application.

In addition to an https: // entry and closed lock in the internet browser, the bar is also highlighted in green. In this way, the website visitor can see at a glance that the website can be trusted and verified. The certificate itself also shows the complete company details of the organization.