Amateur Blogging – What Is It & How Can it Change Your Life in 2024?

what is What is Amateur Blogging? and how it can chage your life

Amateur blogs exist, and they make more money than you think. Today, we will go over inexperienced blogging ideas, mistakes to avoid, and tips to get started.

Let’s conjure up this vision in our heads. You have a tiny, sophisticated laptop, sitting in a cafe, on a narrow street in Paris, beneath a cooling umbrella near the beach, riding over the savanna, or in the snug warmth next to your fireplace. That’s a lovely picture of a life entire of adventure, discovery, comfort, excellent money, and freedom. This is the allure of blogging as a way of life: complete financial freedom. Nonetheless, this is picture-perfect. What is the reality of blogging, mainly amateur blogging?

What does it take to succeed?

Is it true that passion is a critical component in this activity?

It’s worth it, and what can you do if this thought bothers you?

Let’s dive into amateur blogging together and find out how to make it from a fun idea to a rewarding full-time job.

If you want a quick answer, we may define “amateur blogging” as creating and posting texts online without expecting to make a lot of money. Or perhaps you shouldn’t expect any reward? Is putting personal texts on a private webpage a hobby as a result of this?

It must begin as a hobby. In the first place, this activity should be enjoyable for you. Otherwise, why do it all the time? So it all comes down to your enjoyment of sharing an opinion, making a discovery on a specific issue, or simply publishing whatever comes your way online.

This brings up another aspect of amateur blogging. It would help if you were open to people you know and strangers who read what you write. It would help if you considered getting comments or critiques from people with different viewpoints than you.

If you are publicly revealing your opinions, you must be prepared for written confrontations. Otherwise, you wouldn’t publish the texts online if you were only writing for yourself, would you?

As you can see, the enjoyment aspect of blogging and the acceptance of some minor risks of receiving negative feedback must be present in your mind and feelings before you begin opening a blogging account and writing texts.

Is Earning Money a Necessary Component of Amateur Blogging?

Is there any connection between amateur blogging and earning money? Theoretically, if it’s an amateur activity, you merely do it because you want to. Without any expectation of profit, This is the beginning of blogging activity. Don’t start thinking about money.

This is not how it works. Furthermore, if you expect to be paid for your writing, you will be very quickly disappointed. If you are a professional writer, you cannot do amateur blogging. It would help if you accepted paid blogging assignments.

Take pleasure in the activity itself and the network of readers you may develop if you post frequently and gain regular followers. Then money could arrive. Paid blogging is not incompatible with amateur blogging. Just don’t let it become your primary goal.

Money might be an added benefit to everything you provide for your readers. With time, it may become an additional source of money for your primary activity. In the best-case scenario, amateur blogging could become a full-time job and your primary source of income if you do it well.

This has happened previously, so don’t dismiss it. However, most amateur bloggers do not make a living solely from blogging.

How Can Money Be Earned Through Amateur Blogging?

Some bloggers earn several thousand dollars every month from their sites. Or maybe even more. But there aren’t many of them. However, suppose money comes to you due to your amateur blog. In that case, it is usually through affiliate marketing, advertisements on your website, traditional advertising contracts, or even donations from your readers.

Typically, building the correct network of income sources will take months, if not years. To test various types and partnerships and narrow down the best possibilities for you.

What Are the Most Appropriate Topics?

Almost anything can be included in your list of topics for amateur blogging. As previously stated, everything begins with your desires. Choose your themes based on what you are interested in and what you are skilled at. The most successful pieces of writing are those written with enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject.

Don’t write only because you’ve heard that particular topics are popular now. People will not respond well to your texts if you do not convey comfort and ease through your words, and they will not visit or return to your blog page.

So, when choosing topics, focus on yourself rather than what you believe others desire. Amateur blogging is all about expressing yourself and sharing what is genuine in your experience with others. In this manner, you may perhaps be able to assist many others.

How to Become an Amateur Blogger

Typically, if you want to be a blogger, the way to be a blogger is really simple. Just begin blogging. Don’t overthink things. Begin writing, even if your writing isn’t of the highest quality right away.

If you enjoy this pastime and have some topic ideas, you should consider starting an amateur blog. Or perhaps you have been involved in an activity that few others can access, and your insights would be exotic and interesting to others. Or perhaps you’ve had a lot of interesting life experiences that you’d want to share.

You only need a few minutes to begin writing. Usually, if the notion is clear and you have the information, it won’t take long.

The rest is simple. Nowadays, you can start a webpage that best fits the blogging format on a variety of internet sites. As a result, creating a blog account is a simple, one-time process. After that, you are free to begin posting whenever you wish.

These web providers even allow you to alter the appearance of your page to better suit your needs and writing style.

How to Start a Blog if You Are an Amateur?

Amateur bloggers can publish their writing in a variety of ways, ranging from free hosting services like Tumblr or Blogger to paid blogging platforms like WordPress or Medium.

If you want to go from being an amateur blogger to a professional one, I recommend NOT-FREE solutions like or Wix.

These three items are required for the creation of a blog.

To cover all of the above, you’ll need hosting, a domain name, and a content management system (CMS) or a website builder.


To get started, simply contact a shared hosting service such as Siteground or Dreamhost . Depending on the hosting provider, they could cost between $0.99 and $5 per month.

There are, however, free hosting services if you want to get started quickly. They do, however, have drawbacks such as limited bandwidth, disk space, and other limitations.


If you wish to give your website a unique name, such as, it will cost you between $9 and $50, depending on the TLD (.com,.net,.org,.io) you select.

Nota bene: If you can pay for a longer length of time, such as 5 years, most domain name registrars will give you a significant discount.

CMS: stands for “content management system.” It allows you to post material on your website without having to be a skilled programmer or web designer. CMSs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. WordPress is the most popular of these.

Website Builders

Website builders are slightly more expensive than most shared hosting services. They do, however, make the process of launching a blog simpler and faster. They let you avoid the above-mentioned steps of buying domains, hosting them, and connecting them.

Tips for Blog Posts if You Are An Amateur

When it comes to amateur blogging, you should not overstress yourself. However, some pointers on how to write and distribute blog entries will help you achieve excellent outcomes.

Writing Posts: Everything begins with an idea. So, before you begin writing, simply organize your thoughts. Determine precisely what you want to address in your present text and what your point of view is on the subject. Only after this step should you begin writing.

Include graphics and images. This will help your readers. They will be encouraged to read you more frequently, and your ideas will be better communicated. By combining words and images, you can have a double impact on your readers.

While you should freely communicate your ideas, you should pay extra attention while selecting headlines for your text. Give it some time, try a few variations, and select the most appealing and clear title. Your blog’s success can be determined only by its headline. At the same time, even if your texts contain brilliant ideas, readers will disregard them if the titles do not entice them. It may be of great assistance if you additionally search online for what other similar texts are being used as headlines. Of course, we do not recommend that you replicate them. However, this task may help you better comprehend what a good blog title is. So to speak, you will gain experience.

Consider this:

SEO Optimization: Even if you are an amateur blogger, SEO should be one of your primary concerns. You risk being fully anonymous in the absence of search engine optimization, and readers will not find your postings. Sure, no one expects you to be an SEO expert, but you should focus on the fundamentals. Use words and phrases that will aid in the discovery of your text online, in search engines, by individuals who are interested in your themes. There are numerous tutorials and articles available online that will show you how to employ strategic keywords, titles, templates, and even how to correctly include URLs. It would be a shame if your wonderful texts did not reach people who would appreciate and require them.

Constant Posting: A consistent posting schedule will greatly improve your amateur blog. Of course, you might take a more flexible approach to blog and write only when you feel like it. People will read your blog more if you post at least once a week, and your blog will show up higher in search results. They will also feel like your blog is credible and trustworthy.

Make use of social media: promote your blog on all of the social media platforms that you currently use. Share each blog post with your fans on other social media platforms, and urge them to read your blog.

High-quality content: We recommend that you do not overthink the blogging activity and simply begin writing.your valuable information and experiences in the finest possible format. Without turning this activity into a headache, we recommend that you make the following tasks a habit every time you begin writing a blog post:

Research: readers require writing that is correct and precise. As a result, always double-check the facts you write down “on paper.” Even if you are a novice blogger, you will develop the skills of a journalist. Get inspired by them and validate your thoughts with at least three sources.

Especially if you are unsure or if you are dealing with fresh factors. Correctness is also a strategy to establish yourself as a trustworthy online source that people want to come back to time and again. Being a trustworthy online writer can set you apart from the sea of other bloggers who flood the internet with false or wrong information.

When you begin writing, keep in mind that the finest writing provides clear concepts. You should keep in mind that your readers come from a variety of backgrounds and may be unfamiliar with the subject. For a diverse audience, you must deliver the facts simply. The fluency of your prose is also a result of the clarity of your ideas. As a result, your readers will have the opportunity to learn something new while relaxing. This also earns you and your blog page blogger popularity points.

Write freely: the most effective approach to your texts is a personal one. Readers are tired of formulas and reading the same information from multiple sources. Readers will become regulars if you establish a personal style of expressing ideas and a specific selection of words and phrases that convey your true point of view. Allow your ideas to flow freely when putting them in writing so that everyone can sense the naturalness and spontaneity.

Even if you are an amateur blogger, inexperience is not a desirable trait in any blogger. Grammar errors give your blog posts an amateurish feel, and you must not allow them to exist. Spend some time editing each text before uploading it. Nowadays, there are various online grammar correctors that will do this task for you in no time.

Mistakes in Amateur Blogging

Though you can’t avoid making at least a few mistakes, especially when you’re new to this pastime, don’t worry. You will eventually learn to avoid making mistakes. Fortunately, nothing is so awful that it will damage your amateur blogging career before it even begins. In addition, we will show you the most common blunders that novice and amateur bloggers make. As a result, you can fully prevent the following:

  • Choosing an ambiguous specialty or writing about disparate topics that do not mesh effectively. Most of your readers will be dissatisfied with this in time.
  • Choosing the incorrect niche Like something you’re not particularly good at but chose because it’s popular or you think it’ll attract more readers.
  • Not paying attention and failing to use keywords and URLs.
  • Use titles and headlines that are appealing yet do not correspond to the contents. Clickbait will sully your internet reputation.
  • Using content from other bloggers and websites without adding anything unique or personal to the mix.
  • Not on a regular basis.

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