Are Intel’s Smart Glasses “Vaunt” Less Weird-Looking than Google Glass?

Are Intel's Smart Glasses "Vaunt" Less Weird-Looking than Google Glass? -

Are Intel's Smart Glasses "Vaunt" Less Weird-Looking than Google Glass? - Technology

Intel is working on smart glasses that look different from the flopped Google Glass like normal glasses. Almost then.

The smart glasses, which is called Vaunt, contains no camera, buttons, speaker or LCD screen, writes The Verge that the glasses in December could try out. The fact that the Vaunt is smart glasses can only be seen in a red light that occasionally lights up in the right glass. Still a bit creepy.

When you carry the Vaunt, the smart glasses project information onto your retina: that’s why it looks like you see the data of the glasses on a screen. The electronics of the glasses are in the legs of the glasses, close to the glasses. It is therefore possible to bend the legs of the glasses slightly, just like with normal glasses.

Different frames

Intel has made various frames for the smart glasses. The chip manufacturer also makes it possible to provide the Vaunt with glasses at the desired sharpness. Intel has tried to make the Vault as light as possible, so that it is possible to keep the glasses on all day long. Nevertheless, the frame still weighs more than a normal pair of glasses. Later this year, Intel will start an ‘early access’ program for developers who want to try out the glasses.

Crazy for running

That the Vaunt is less clearly recognizable as smart glasses, must ensure that the glasses succeed where Google Glass failed. In practice, that means that smart glasses should not be recognizable as smart glasses. “We have done everything we can to make technology disappear”, says Itai Vonshak of Intel at The Verge.

One of the biggest problems of Google Glass was that, apart from a few nerds, no one wanted to put on the glasses because you went crazy with them. The smart Google glasses also aroused aggression. Many feared that Google Glass carriers would secretly make recordings.

Google launched a new version of Glass last year, which is only intended for use within companies.

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