Are No Wagering Requirements the Same as No Deposit Bonuses?

Are No Wagering Requirements the Same as No Deposit Bonuses? -

In my humble opinion, the world of iGaming can seem somewhat opaque from an outsider’s perspective. It’s filled with complex words you’re not used to hearing in your daily life, and it’s easy to get cold feet as a beginner. However, it’s not as complicated as it seems, and once you understand how it works, it simply flows naturally.

In this regard, it’s essential to understand how the various bonuses offered by online casinos work to start on the right foot.

Today, I’ll help you learn more about the no wagering casino bonus and no-deposit bonuses, which beginners often mix up. 

Understanding How a Casino Bonus Works

Before diving into the differences between no-wagering requirements bonuses and no-deposit bonuses, let’s explore the inner workings of casino incentives.

Wagering Requirements

The main requirement you’ll see on most bonuses is the wagering requirement. This condition asks the player to wager the money given to them (and sometimes the deposit amount too) a specific number of times. It’s generally expressed as a multiplier, and depending on the size of said multiplier, you’ll have to win more or less.

Let’s clarify with an example. If you claim a deposit bonus with a 10x wagering requirement, and this is a 100% bonus. Let’s assume you deposit $10. You’ll get an additional $10 (Reminder: 100% means your deposit is doubled). If the casino asks to wager only the bonus, you’ll calculate as follows:

$10×10 = $100

However, if the casino also takes into account the amount you’ve deposited, then the wagering requirement is less generous:

($10+$10)x10 = $200

The result is the amount you’ll need to wager before the operator lets you withdraw your winnings. Requesting a withdrawal before fulfilling this requirement will result in the bonus cancellation and, depending on the operator, voiding the winnings associated with the bonus offer.

Time Limits

The other condition a player must consider at the same time as the wagering requirements is the time the operator gives to play with the bonus. If the window is too short, it’s impossible to fulfil the wagering requirement, making the bonus unfair. I know this limit is often overlooked but is actually vital, especially if you’re the type of player who likes to take things slowly. 

Deposit Requirements

The deposit requirement asks the player to deposit a specified amount of money to claim the offer. There’s usually a minimum and a maximum deposit amount. For example, with a basic deposit bonus, if the online casino requires a minimum deposit of $10 and states that the bonus goes up to $100. It means that you can deposit anything from $10 to $100 to get the bonus.

However, with some bonuses, you can deposit more than the maximum bonus amount. The bonus will simply give you the maximum amount. In other words, with the same example, you can deposit $200, but the casino will only add $100 to your bonus balance, which I think is quite damageable.

Betting Limits

Each bonus has some sort of betting limitation. It can be limited to a specific type of game, a software provider, or a specific game. It applies to most bonuses, and you’ll typically find the list of authorised games in the bonus terms. 

Moreover, the operator can also decide to limit how you can use the bonus on said games. You can have a maximum bet amount and forbidden moves on certain games (like some bets dimmed overly safe in roulette). The operator can also expressly exclude some games from the promotion at its discretion.

The Fundamental Differences Between No Wagering and No Deposit Bonuses

Now that you have a general idea of the various conditions you can encounter, let’s discuss the difference between the two bonuses we’re interested in. The no-wagering bonus is not a specific type of bonus as it can be a welcome bonus, free spins, a deposit offer, a cashback, etc. Same thing for the no deposit bonus.

However, with the former, you’ll get a bonus without any wagering requirement. You’ll usually have to use all the bonus money before withdrawing, but it won’t ask you to fulfil a wagering requirement.

The one thing I love and enjoy about a no-deposit bonus is that it frees you from having to deposit money. Such bonuses are rare and are frequently welcome offers. The bonus is granted when registering, and you can either opt in when prompted, use a bonus code, or get it from a special link. It’s important to note that no deposit offers will have higher wagering requirements than any other offers since you’re not using any of your personal funds, and you can still withdraw winnings afterwards. It’s undeniable that such offers contribute to the success of online casinos, and that’s why casinos see online gambling as a better bet.

Truly Enhancing the Experience

Whether you choose to go for one or the other bonuses, both can enhance your experience. Yet, they’ll do it differently. Without wagering, you’re free to play the way you want, but you may get more betting limits. Without a deposit, you can play without a single cent coming out of your pocket, but you’ll have to comply with more strict requirements. Needless to say, such offers attract players and contribute to the impressive worldwide online gambling statistics.