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Top US Tech PR Agency Recognized by the Holmes Report

About this time last year, AtomicPR was recognized as the “US Tech PR Agency of the Year” by The Holmes Report; an independent and influential publication covering the international public relations industry. By awarding AtomicPR the top tech agency award, The Holmes Report recognized the value that Atomic PR ‘s exclusive approach to public relations and its “ComContext” PR analytics tool brings to the PR industry. ComContext, when combined with the agency’s approach combining the newest forms of media with traditional PR methods, helped push Atomic PR to the top of the list. The analytics insight offered by ComContext has allowed many Atomic PR clients to achieve a 100% improvement across numerous measures of PR performance. At a time when many businesses were reigning in expenses and trying to stretch their investment dollars, Atomic PR’s metrics methods proved extremely timely and beneficial.

Atomic PR One of the Agencies Leading the Way For the Next Generation of PR Services

Atomic PR plots strategy and measures PR success against real-world data and metrics, not simply experience, intuition and professional opinion in the way many other agencies do. Social, digital and video media combined with the internet, blogs and SEO content have changed the way we send and receive information. The Holmes Report’s selection of AtomicPR as a Top Tech PR Agency indicates that AtomicPR’s methods are working and reinforces the company’s beliefs that the PR industry can benefit from employing metrics and analysis to PR campaigns. A new way of managing public relations is emerging and Atomic PR is one of the firms leading the way.

Top US Tech PR Agency Recognized by the Holmes Report

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