Attributes of E-Commerce Hosting Plans

The e-commerce industry has been a major contributor to the global economy in the last decade. Almost every industry is becoming very competitive line with established companies and compete for the sale of almost any imaginable product and service. The Internet offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to diversify their sources of income and build a residual income from the comfort of their homes, and is undoubtedly the largest market ever. However, apart from being full of potential customers and clients, the Internet is also home to some of the smartest technology and criminal cunning. The following paragraphs describe some of the essential attributes of security of e-commerce hosting plans that are designed to maintain business web sites and their customers safe at all times.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption : SSL is an encryption method used by web hosting providers to secure websites e-commerce. SSL encryption is especially important for payment pages and web pages that require visitors entering sensitive financial information like credit card numbers, addresses, names and phone numbers. SSL technology encrypts all information before sending it to the web server, and then decoded after reaching the other side. Therefore, SSL encryption security is a fundamental attribute of an e-commerce hosting plan that keeps hackers and online criminals intercept the information that can be used for nefarious purposes. In fact, many online shoppers decide not to purchase from a site that uses SSL encryption (or has no visible SSL certificate issued).

E-mail and text notifications  : As an additional precaution, web hosting providers usually give you the option to enable notifications in your control panel. These notifications can be sent by email or text to your cell phone at any time of day or night, and usually issued when there is suspicious activity within the account. If someone tries to change the default email address in your web hosting account or any other important information about account management and administration, a notice will be sent to your e-mail or cell phone immediately . This gives you the opportunity to monitor the account activity and effectively prevent a hacker from stealing your web hosting account, without your knowledge.

Pages secure payment processing : payment pages referred not only use the SSL encryption technology to protect, they also accept payments through third party payment processors that offer increased protection. Ideally, the best is to combine a payment processor with a good reputation on page SSL encryption to ensure that payments are handled in a safe and stable. payment processors are mainly financial institutions that accept third party payments on behalf of your company, upon the sale and what the customer is to never have to give credit card details online through their website. Instead, you log into your account with payment processor (eg, PayPal) and then make the payment through a verified credit card or debit your bank account is already associated with your account payment processor.

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