Blogging For Cash – Simple Strategies That Work

Do you love blogging? You can easily turn your blog into a money making machine, and you don’t have to scam your readers or do anything sleazy. All you have to do is offer them something valuable, and they’ll be happy to pay for it. You can make money blogging by creating quality. Here is a simple strategy where you blog, build a list and then offer your readers even more.

Step One – Crank Your Blog Into High Gear

The first step is to get your blog going. Start a blog on a topic that you love and fill it full of content. The content comes first; once it’s full of original, high quality information, then you can start getting traffic to it. If you’re not sure you’re up to the task, hire an article ghost writer to do the content for you. Once your blog is going, you’ll need regular posts, so you can have them do those for you too. Blogging For Cash – Simple Strategies That Work -

Step Two – Get Traffic

This is a huge topic that books have been written on, but for now let’s just say that you need to optimize your blog for keywords so that people can find it, and build backlinks that lead back to your blog. If you keep these two things in mind, there are lots of different strategies you can try. Also, make sure that you keep your high quality article ghost writer posting regularly.

Step Three – Build A List

Once people start reading your blog, create a place where they can sign up for your list. Your membership list is your fan base. These are people who enjoy your blog, your audience, and your future customers. Send them exclusive information through email newsletters and let them in on special deals. Give them stuff for free and build a good relationship with them.

Step Four – Offer An Information Product

Once you’ve got a good, growing list, it’s time to offer them a deal. You can either create your own information product or choose one from Clickbank that relates to your niche. Your reputation depends on how good it is, so choose something great. If you’d rather create your own, you can always have your article ghost writer make it for you. If you’ve created a great blog with a list of loyal readers, you’ll get sales immediately when you offer them a valuable information product.Blogging For Cash – Simple Strategies That Work -

This is just one strategy for making money with blogs. Like all strategies, it takes time and resources to do it. But it’s all about building your blog and your list. Nobody does it overnight. Once you’ve got it going, you’ll be able to offer info products regularly and you’re guaranteed sales.

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I write your content so you don’t have to at I’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt. This article is copyright 2010 by Greg Scott.

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  2. Good post, but you need to blog about the right subject in order for enough people to be interested in what you-re writing about. If you pick a low interest topic then it doesn’t matter how good your articles are or how passionate you are – it just will never be able to get the momentum behind it.

    So, before you pick a topic you’re better of using a keyword tool like Market Samurai – or you can just use the Google Keyword tool to find out whether the topic you are thinking about writing about it popular enough.

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