Choosing Managed Hosting that is Managed Differently

From time to time I am trying to write a blog post about hosting, because many new webmasters need to choose a good managed hosting service but don’t know how to do it. Today we will post a brief overview of SingleHop hosting service. The main advantage of SingleHop is that it allows you to start your managed account with no regular fees, the so-called “a la carta” plan. Moreover if you have someone on your staff that can handle managing email, you don’t have to pay them for it. When you start with the free plan, you can add services for a fee — server backup, general management, OS updates and more. Basically, the more you do yourself, the less you need to pay. If you are a pro with computers or, again, have someone to can handle it all for you, you can get started with no, or minimal monthly fees and enjoy hosting your website on a fantastic server.

SingleHop has 2 data centers, both located in Chicago and seem to have a very impressive overview of their hardware. Not only they are “green” but also they are a sponsor and member of The Green Grid Association since 2006. Running on the leading hardware suppliers, maintaining an eco-friendly environment and not ripping you off unless you ask for it, what more can you ask for, when it comes to a hosting service?

You can also buy a fully managed plan, which will include all the support and managing, that free plan didn’t cover (naturally) and for a $50 a month you can save yourself any headache or hassle. Mainly I’d recommend this hosting service to PRO’s who want to save money and aren’t afraid of dedicating time to managing their account, upgrading software and running scans.

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