Common Reseller Mistakes

As a new distributor, you know you’re fighting against a flood of competitors. The World Wide Web has long since become inextricably fused with the modern business world. For most large industries, not having a website is no longer an option, and even for those for whom it is an option that is increasingly chosen. Everyone is on the web.

This means that there are a lot of people like you fighting for the pool of total income of the people who want to be on the web, but want someone else to handle most of the details. You started and are very sure that you can succeed. You can, but this will have to avoid some beginner mistakes. Take a look:

Do not hide the host

It is fear of a beginner, if the end user to know about web hosting company you are working with that will come out and just host them directly. This is an irrational fear for several reasons.

First, why are you usually do not want to think about the technical side of things. Knowing who is using it will not change that, but I still want to do the dirty work. Second, even if they could do it themselves, there are things that are (or should be) bringing to the table that they will want an expert management (see more on this later). Finally, rather than as a liability, you can use the strength of their web hosting services harder to sell their own: they contract with them after all, and therefore can make part of their pitch. You are working with the best to give its customers the best.

We offer over hosting

As mentioned above, if you are reselling, which ideally should be doing something more than the resale of space. If that’s all they are doing, then the fear that his client will cut the middle man (that) can be justified. But there is a world of services that can be easily offer that will ensure this thought enters the mind of your customer. Marketing, domain registration and maintenance, design, programming language support (spoken and electronic), SEO, and more. There is a world of common services that can be added to yours to do what it has to offer but the customer would receive just for hosting your site directly.

Honesty is the best policy

Finally, remember that, despite some rumors to the contrary, the business world has an ethical code. Be open with your client at all times about what you are doing is the best way to ensure that not only maintain, but if you do change your mind later, you leave with your good name intact, ie references keep coming back your way. Especially in this information age is essential. Bad reviews are a cinch to publish, and it is hard to remove.

These are easy to avoid mistakes, but you will be surprised how many retailers still do. Do not do it yourself, and this will be their loss, not yours.