Does Samsung Needs New OLED Buyers?

Does Samsung Needs New OLED Buyers? -

Does Samsung Needs New OLED Buyers? -

Apple has decided to produce fewer iPhone X devices. That means less sales, also for Samsung. The manufacturer of the upcoming Galaxy S9 makes OLED displays for Apple. Samsung is therefore looking for new buyers of OLED panels.

Apple released the first iPhone with an OLED display last year. The American smartphone makes a big impression, but the sales figures are disappointing. Apple would therefore have halved the production of the iPhone X, reducing the demand for OLED displays. Samsung is the only manufacturer that can meet Apple’s demand and is responsible for the delivery of these panels. The South Korean manufacturer is now with the baked pears because of the reduced quantity.

Samsung is therefore looking for new buyers of OLED screens. This after the company has significantly increased the production of OLED panels. According to Samsung, the reduced purchase of a customer has no effect on his financial situation. Apple is reportedly buying as many as 20 million fewer panels in the first three months of this year. Whether Samsung really will not feel the reduced purchase really has to be proven.

According to Nikkei Samsung has to contend with a large surplus of OLED screens. A large number of smartphone manufacturers still use LCD displays and have not yet made the switch to OLED panels. The latter screens are considerably more expensive than their LCD variants. At the same time, more manufacturers, including LG and Chinese manufacturers, are starting to produce OLED displays, which means Samsung loses its unique position.

Samsung seems this year, perhaps partly because of these reasons, to launch a smartphone with a foldable OLED screen. The long-awaited Galaxy X device or Galaxy Note with a foldable design will be announced later this year. Exactly what Samsung plans is not known. At the end of this week we expect at least the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.