Everything You Wanted to Know About Bingo Culture But Were Afraid to Ask

Everything You Wanted to Know About Bingo Culture But Were Afraid to Ask -

Everything You Wanted to Know About Bingo Culture But Were Afraid to Ask -


B-I-N-G-O! What comes to your mind when you hear that 5-letter word? While for some people, bingo games are just for grannies, for others it is just a game like any other. However, there’s much more to bingo games. For instance, every year over 3 million people in United Kingdom enjoy bingo halls while more than 100 million play bingo games online around the world. It is blatant that bingo games have always been popular, but there has been a change in the bingo culture. Wondering about it? Let’s discover the ever-evolving bingo culture!

Bingo has a history which is more than a century old- brace yourselves and let’s plunge into the past! Many people believe that the first games of bingo were played in Italy where it originated from the traditional lottery game called “Il Guioco del Lotto D’italia” in the 1500’s. It was only in the late 1700’s that this game became prevalent in France where it was called “Le Lotto”. In the beginning, the game was traditionally played by the rich men and the high-class people. As other European countries started to discover this game, it became to feature 27 squares with 3 rows and 9 columns, which is now known as 90 ball bingo. Back in the days, a caller used to draw a wooden number token and read out the number, and players would cover the number on his/her cards. And just like today, the first to daub all the numbers on a single card, was the ultimate winner.

And nowadays – let’s get back to our today’s technological era- bingo has gained popularity online! In the past years and until now, mobile bingo and online bingo are two areas which has known significant growth when it comes to the online gaming industry. Some key factors of this massive positive change are the reasonable prices of devices like tablets, laptops and mobile phones, the accessibility of internet everywhere and the advance of responsive technologies. For instance, one of the online bingo sites, which offers bingo online is Robin Hood Bingo. Along with providing bingo games on all type of devices, this site also has its own application for iOS and Android devices. For instance, players access Robin Hood Bingo anywhere they are through the mobile site or they can simply download the app to enjoy top bingo games anytime.

This change means that the days where people used to crowd bingo halls, are now gone. Bingo games are just at the palm of anyone’s hands. Plus, there are many more varieties of bingo games such as 75 ball bingo, 5-line bingo, 90 ball bingo, turbo bingo and 80 ball bingo! Why online bingo is popular? Simply because they follow everywhere you go- be it in the bath tub, on the train or at the comfort of your home! There’s no denying it: the new bingo culture is online bingo and it looks like, it will remain as such for a jolly long time until better technologies are found.