Fantastic video tutorials by DP Studios

Video tutorials are normally a lot easier to follow. Unlike images and text based tuts, you can fully follow your “teacher”, step by step, without skipping any step and therefore the result after video tutorial is a lot more accurate.

Recently, I came across a tremendously talented artist – Steve H., who’s Deviant Art page astonished me. First I found him while searching for high quality wallpapers but this week he released a several video tutorials, which are just impossible to pass by. The tutorials are ranging from photo correction to stylish glossy orbs, covering a wide variety of Photoshop aspects and answering to many questions that newbies, as well as advanced users may have. The tutorials are really incredible, but don’t take my word for it, go and look for yourself! DP Studios’s DeviantArt page.

simple_photoshop_orb_video_tut_by_digitalphenom.jpg waterdrops_photoshop_video_tut_by_digitalphenom.jpg glassy_button_p_cs_video_tut_by_digitalphenom.jpg

Additionally to the useful tutorials, you will also wind a lot of other, generously offered material such as wallpapers, graphics and even prints, which you can buy. Bottom line: visiting is a must!