Fixing the Web: My Approach to Broken Link Building

broken link building

Ever thought about making your website better and boosting its presence online? I have a secret method many don’t know about. It’s called broken link building, and it can really change the game.

Here’s a surprising fact: 90% of all web pages have at least one broken link. This means you have tons of chances to make a difference online.

But wait, there’s more. Check this out: 404 errors can lessen a website’s organic traffic by up to 75%. Think about how much better your website’s SEO and traffic could be if you fixed those broken links.

And the best news? Replacing just one broken link can get you about 9 new backlinks! This proves how powerful broken link building is.

Now, let’s dive into my step-by-step guide for broken link building. I’ll show you how to make this strategy work for your website. Get set to make a big change and see your website’s success soar!

Why Broken Link Building is Effective for SEO

Broken link building is a special way to build links. It can make your website more visible and boost how high it appears in searches. I’ll tell you why it works so well.

Links from other sites are like votes of trust for your site. The more respected these other sites are, the more your site benefits. This is where backlinks can really help your website grow.

Now, let’s talk about broken link building’s secret. It involves fixing links on other sites that lead to nowhere. By doing this, you help those site owners. In return, they might then link back to your website because you’ve helped them.

Why are backlinks so important?

Google and other search engines pay a lot of attention to backlinks. They see them as signs of your website’s authority. The more quality of these signs, the better your site is seen. This can help push your site higher up in search results.

This method proves to be more useful than just asking for links. You are not begging for backlinks but offering a hand. This makes what you do more likely to be successful.

Everyone wins with broken link building. You earn better search rankings through quality backlinks. The site owners fix their issues. It’s a positive cycle that can really help your website do better.

broken link building

Step-by-Step Guide to Broken Link Building

Broken link building helps your website’s SEO and gets you backlinks. A step-by-step plan can add it to your strategy. This guide will help you start:

1. Identify Broken Backlinks

First, find broken backlinks on your site and competitors’ sites. Use tools like Semrush’s Backlink Audit to discover them. Also, check your competitors’ backlinks for links you could fix.

2. Evaluate Link Prospecting Opportunities

Next, look at the value of each broken link. Consider the linking site’s authority and traffic. Also, think about how well the broken link fits your own content. Focus on links that can really help your SEO.

3. Craft Persuasive Outreach Emails

Then, tell the website owners about their broken links. Offer a helpful link from your site to replace it. Your email should be brief, clear, and helpful to them.

4. Leverage Resource Pages

Targeting resource pages can be a great strategy. These pages often have many links. Find those in your niche and suggest your link as a good replacement.

5. Reclaim Broken Links

After sending emails, watch for replies. Some may ask questions or need time to decide. Stay in touch and offer any help they need to fix the link.

6. Measure Results and Adjust

Keep an eye on your efforts. Track your new backlinks and SEO changes. Use the data to tweak your strategy for better results.

This guide can help you smoothly add broken link building to your strategy. Follow these steps for a stronger SEO approach.

Making Broken Link Building Easier with Data from Ahrefs

Broken link building is all about being efficient. That’s why I suggest using Ahrefs. It makes the process easier, saving you time and energy.

Ahrefs shines with its broken links report. This report helps you find broken pages on your competitors’ sites. It lets you target the most important pages for your own strategy.

By focusing on these key pages, you aim to improve your website’s strength. Your hard work is directed where it matters most, enhancing your campaign’s success.

Getting in touch with site owners is key in broken link building. Ahrefs helps by providing their contact info. You can then work on getting those lost links back.

Outreach is essential for this strategy. Ahrefs helps you do it better. It improves your chances of winning new valuable links.

Using Ahrefs smooths your workflow. It makes link building and content creation efforts more effective. With Ahrefs, expect better results in your campaign.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to use Ahrefs. It will make your broken link building experience better than ever.

Broken Link Building with Ahrefs

Influencer Outreach Email Template

Subject: Resource update opportunity for [Website Name]

Hi [Website Owner’s Name],

I hope you’re doing well. I found some broken links on your site’s [Page Name]. I value good content and smooth browsing, so I wanted to help.

Would you like to swap those broken links with new, better ones? Your visitors get great content, and your site stays reliable.

I made a list of top-notch resources for you. It’s a chance for us both. You keep your site top-notch, and I get to help a respected site like yours.

If you’re interested, let me know. I can share the details with you. Looking forward to hearing from you and the chance to work together.

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

Broken Link Suggested Replacement
[Broken Link 1] [Suggested Replacement 1]
[Broken Link 2] [Suggested Replacement 2]
[Broken Link 3] [Suggested Replacement 3]


Broken link building is similar to Robin Hood in a way. You help other sites by fixing their broken links. And in return, you gain valuable backlinks. This helps improve your website’s SEO and marketing. It’s a beneficial strategy for both sides.

In my journey with broken link building, I learned its power. It’s by finding and fixing broken links, evaluating new linking chances, and creating unique email pitches. Using tools like Semrush and Ahrefs made the process smoother and brought better outcomes.

Adding broken link building to my strategy made a big difference. My website’s search rankings went up, and my online impact grew. Every time I spot a broken link, I see it as a chance to strengthen my presence online. I’m moving closer to being a top player on the web!


What is broken link building?

Broken link building is all about finding and fixing dead links on other sites. You replace these dead links with ones that lead to your website. This method helps your site get more links, which boosts your SEO.

Why is broken link building effective for SEO?

It works because links from trusted sites are like votes of confidence for search engines. By replacing these broken links, you earn new, valuable links. This raises your site’s credibility and can improve your ranking on search result pages.

What are the steps involved in broken link building?

First, you find broken links and evaluate which are worth fixing. This includes both your and your competition’s websites. Next, you reach out to page owners. You offer your content as a replacement for their broken links. This part often involves sending well-crafted emails.

This method is systematic. It starts with spotting opportunities and ends with connecting with site owners. Ideally, you want these newly gained links to boost your website’s performance.

How can I make broken link building easier?

Using tools like Ahrefs can streamline the process. Ahrefs helps you quickly locate broken links on competitors’ sites. It also provides means to find the right people to message. With it, you can efficiently find and fix broken links, benefiting your SEO strategy.

Why should I incorporate broken link building into my link building strategy?

It’s a smart move because it directly impacts your SEO and marketing outcomes. By actively seeking out and repairing broken links, your website’s credibility grows. This, in turn, can push you higher up in search engine results and expand your online influence.