Four Essentials for an Epic Office Party on a Budget (and Why You Should Throw One)

Four Essentials for an Epic Office Party on a Budget (and Why You Should Throw One) -

Business is business, right?

That doesn’t mean that we should always be laser-focused on a “no-fun-allowed” attitude in the office.

While business owners should do everything in their power to get down to business, letting loose every now and then can be a great way to reward your employees . From allowing workers to decompress to simply letting your company’s personality to shine to the public, giving your colleagues something to look forward to can actually encourage productivity.

If you’ve never considered throwing a bash, consider the inherent benefits including:

  • The ability to impress prospective clients and show off your team in a laid-back setting
  • Building a more cohesive team that knows each other on a personal level rather than simply work acquaintances
  • Serving as an advertisement for your business on social media, showing other companies and influencers in your space that you’re confident enough to kick back

The number one concern most people have about throwing a party is rather straightforward: what about the price tag?

Thankfully, throwing an awesome office party doesn’t mean blowing out your budget. Rather than waiting until Christmas, consider the elements of the ultimate office party and how you can throw one worth remembering.

Picking a Theme

To give your party some much-needed pizzazz, make sure that you pick a killer theme. Essentially, your party’s theme determines what sort of decorations you’ll need to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy: consider some beach party decorating ideas or something outlandish to turn your office inside out.

Choosing the proper theme may very well depend on the occasion. For example, maybe a major sale or marketing milestone signals a green-themed party; conversely, a black and white themed may be appropriate for a more formal affair.

Almost Free Food

Perhaps the best way to save on food is to forego catering and take the bring-it-yourself approach. You can delegate dishes amongst co-workers, from entrees to drinks and desserts, you can practically slash your food budget to a fraction of what a caterer would charge. In addition, potlucks allow everyone to get involved in the planning phase and have their own hand in contributing to the party versus having all the responsibility fall on one person.

Choose Your Tunes

Instead of splurging on a DJ, consider how apps such as Spotify can provide the soundtrack for your party, encompassing a library of millions of songs covering just about any genre for next to nothing.

Make sure to pick a friendly playlist that vibes with your theme. For example, the Beach Boys are perfect for your nautical party: on the flip side, some Frank Sinatra fits well with a New York-themed shindig.

All you need is a smartphone and a bluetooth speaker to create an incredibly versatile jukebox.

Don’t Overpay on Prizes

What’s a party without prizes?

Surprising your guests with raffle prizes is a great way to bring everyone together. Don’t feel the need to spend big on iPads or Apple Watches: consider how some simple gift cards can go a long way. In short, surprises should supplement the fun rather than become the centerpiece of the party.

Throwing an office party doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Celebrate smart and in style by choosing a killer theme and spending only on the essentials.