Free Asset Management Software – Is it Worth It? My Experience

free asset management software

Are you paying too much for asset management software? Searching for something affordable for your business? I found something amazing: free software with great features. But is it as good as it seems?

Picture this: you’ve used costly software for years, thinking it’s your only option. But there’s a new player in the field. AssetTiger is changing the game with its free management tools. It’s breaking old beliefs, showing you can get quality without a hefty price.

With AssetTiger, you get to track and manage assets for free (up to 250). You can make reports, keep things safe, and use it on your phone. Plus, they keep making it better. This means you can handle your stuff without spending too much.

Key Takeaways:

  • Free asset management software like AssetTiger offers a range of features and functionality.
  • AssetTiger allows you to track and manage assets, generate reports, and ensure security.
  • The software is available for free for the first 250 assets, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.
  • AssetTiger has been positively reviewed for its ease of use and comprehensive asset tracking capabilities.
  • Discover the value of free asset management software and see how it can benefit your business.

How Does AssetTiger Work?

AssetTiger helps you track your stuff using software on the internet. You can use it on any device, like your computer or your phone. It has many tools to help you keep track of everything effectively. This includes adding people, handing out tools, overseeing vehicles, and checking repairs.

You can also keep a detailed record when items are taken and brought back. This helps know where things are and their condition. You can make your own categories and use a special file to organize your assets better. Plus, it keeps your data safe so only you can see it.

AssetTiger is easy to use, even on your phone. This helps keep things in order no matter where you are. It makes checking on assets simple and is perfect for small businesses looking for free management tools.

Real-Time Asset Tracking and Greater Efficiency

AssetTiger’s online tools let you track your things in real-time. This way, you always know where your items are and how they’re doing. This helps companies use their items better and catch any problems fast, making work smoother and more efficient.

“AssetTiger’s cloud-based software enables real-time asset tracking, providing businesses with accurate and up-to-date information about their assets’ locations and conditions.”

Flexibility and Customization for Business Needs

AssetTiger can be changed to fit your business’s specific needs. You can add new ways to sort your items, make special forms, and limit what others can do on the program. This makes AssetTiger work well with how you already do things, helping you run things better.

Data Security and Accessibility

Keeping your info safe is a big deal for AssetTiger. It uses a special type of security to keep your details safe and correct. The fact that it’s online means you can get to your stuff from any place with internet. This makes it easy for all kinds of businesses to use.

Next, we will compare AssetTiger with its competitors to further evaluate its value as a top free asset management system.

Comparing AssetTiger with Competitors

AssetTiger stands out in the field of free asset management software. It has more features than its free competitors. This makes it an excellent choice for many businesses.

Spiceworks is one of the competitors. It mainly tracks software and hardware through IP scanning. It doesn’t have advanced features like GPS tracking or maintenance alerts.

Another contender is BlueTally, aimed at IT asset management. Compared to AssetTiger, it lacks in features. Also, it needs extra money for hosting and customer support.

Businesses must consider their needs when picking out asset management software. Comparing features and capabilities is important. This helps in choosing the right software for their operations.

Comparative Table

Asset Management Software Key Features Additional Expenses
AssetTiger Comprehensive range of features None (free for the first 250 assets)
Spiceworks IP scanning system for basic asset tracking None
BlueTally Secure asset management for IT assets Hosting and customer service options

Looking at the table’s data, AssetTiger is the clear winner. It offers the most features for free. This makes it a good choice for businesses wanting a top-quality free tool.

The Value of Spiceworks for Asset Tracking

Spiceworks gives you a free way to manage your assets. It tracks items through their IP addresses. It lets users put in new items using a special tool. With it, you can keep track of your devices and files, get alerts, make reports, and protect your network.

However, Spiceworks might not have everything you need. It doesn’t do GPS or use barcodes for tracking like some programs do. Plus, its reports might not be as in-depth as you’d like.

Before picking Spiceworks, think about what your business really needs for asset management.

One more thing to know is that Spiceworks shows ads to stay free. This might make the tool look a bit busy. But, it’s the trade-off for not having to pay.

Comparing Spiceworks to Other Asset Tracking Software

Spiceworks is good for basic asset tracking. But there are programs with more features. If you need GPS or barcodes, you might want to look elsewhere.

The other tools focus on giving you great insights and making it easy to use. Plus, they don’t have any ads. This can make the experience smoother.

free inventory management software

In the end, Spiceworks is great if you’re on a budget. But, if you need more from an asset management tool, there are better options out there.

The Benefits of Asset Management Software

Asset management software brings many benefits to businesses. It gives a broad view and lets them track their assets well. This tool helps in creating detailed equipment logs, handling contracts and licenses, and making reports. Safety of data is also a priority, giving businesses peace.

With the feature of accessing through mobile, tracking and management become easy anytime, anywhere. Software like AssetTiger keeps improving to meet business needs. It includes alerts, reservation, checking out assets, and managing multiple users with different permissions.

The software is great for getting complete info on assets. It helps companies keep accurate inventory records and avoid losing or misplacing items. This leads to better use of assets, precise maintenance planning, and knowing the true value of assets.

It also makes managing contracts and licenses easier. Businesses can keep all their agreements and licensing details in one central spot. This way, it cuts down on administrative work, prevents missing renewals, and ensures following licensing agreements.

The Advantages of Asset Management Software:

  • Efficient asset tracking and monitoring
  • Detailed logs of equipment check-out
  • Streamlined contract and license management
  • Robust reporting capabilities
  • Enhanced data security and compliance
  • Mobile access for on-the-go asset management
  • Continual innovation and updates
  • Alerts for maintenance and asset availability
  • Multi-user functionality with customizable access levels

Software like AssetTiger is simple to use and efficient. It gets rid of manual tracking, which means fewer mistakes and more productivity. By using this software, businesses can make the best use of assets, improve how they work, and add to asset value over time.

Asset management software gives businesses a total method for tracking, managing, and getting the most from their assets. AssetTiger is leading with its features and ongoing improvements for efficient asset management.

Unlock the full potential of your assets with AssetTiger’s free asset management software. Download it today and experience the benefits of streamlined asset management.

Pricing and Value Comparison

Cost and value matter when picking asset management software. AssetTiger stands out offering a free option for tracking up to 250 assets. This is great for small companies with a tight budget. For bigger needs, AssetTiger has plans for more assets, keeping scalability and flexibility in mind.

AssetTiger tops others by letting users access it on phones at no extra cost. It offers unlimited users and space to store data in the cloud. This means more people can manage assets online without extra charges. It also means there’s no worry about how much data you can store.

“AssetTiger has been a game-changer for us. Not only is it free for the first 250 assets, but it also provides all the features we need without any hidden charges. The ability to track our assets on our smartphones and the unlimited user access is a huge plus!”

On the flip side, Competitor #1 asks for more money for using the software on phones. It also puts a cap on how many people can use the software and how much data can be stored. Competitor #2 is pricier, starting at $900 a year, and has similar limits. This makes AssetTiger a better deal for companies of all sizes.

Comparative Pricing and Features Comparison

Software Pricing Smartphone Compatibility Number of Users Cloud Storage
AssetTiger Free for first 250 assets
Subscription plans available
Included Unlimited Unlimited
Competitor #1 Add-on cost Additional fee Limited Limited
Competitor #2 Starting at $900/year Included Limited Limited

Free Asset Tracking Software

The comparison above clearly shows AssetTiger as the smart choice. Its mix of value and cost makes it the leading free tool for managing assets. With free use for up to 250 assets and full phone access, plus no limits on users or data space, AssetTiger offers the best value.

Security and Compliance

Ensuring security and compliance is top priority at AssetTiger. It has a SOC 2 Type I certification. And it’s working on getting a SOC 2 Type II certification. This shows how serious AssetTiger is about making sure your data is safe and follows the rules.

AssetTiger meets GDPR and CCPA standards. This means using AssetTiger makes your data safe by law. It keeps your information private and secure.

Running on Amazon AWS in Germany, AssetTiger is extra secure. It keeps your data close to the EU under GDPR rules. This means your info is well-protected.

AssetTiger is all about keeping your data secure and following rules. You can trust its strong safety measures.

For secure and compliant asset management software, AssetTiger is your best bet.

Image: A laptop computer displaying a padlock symbol to represent security.

Customer Support and Demo

When picking a free online asset management tool like AssetTiger, good customer support is key. AssetTiger shines here by offering top-tier customer service. You can contact their support team for any help needed through email or live chat. They aim to ensure the software meets your needs and address any issues.

If you prefer to check things out on your own, AssetTiger has a self-serve live demo for you. This lets you explore the software closely and see how it can benefit you. It’s a great way to learn about its features and how it fits your needs.

Moreover, AssetTiger allows a 14-day free trial on their paid plans without needing your credit card. During this time, test all the features and see how well it works for you. It’s a chance to evaluate the software risk-free against your needs.

If questions arise during your testing, their support team is ready to help. They’re committed to offering support that makes for a smooth experience. This ensures you get the most out of AssetTiger, be it through assistance or self-exploration.

Thanks to AssetTiger’s strong customer support and demo options, you can make an informed choice. You have the support and tools necessary, whether you prefer to check it out yourself or want personalized assistance.


I explored free asset management software and found AssetTiger stands out. It’s great for businesses that need to track and manage assets well. This software is very useful, even for those just starting out.

The best part is the free version. You can manage up to 250 assets without any cost. This is perfect for small businesses or those with limited funds. AssetTiger is a smart choice for them.

AssetTiger is known for being easy and flexible. Setting it up and using it is simple. It has a clear interface and features that are easy to understand.

Businesses can start using it quickly. Its tracking abilities are also very strong. It’s good for many types of businesses and assets.

In the end, free asset management tools like AssetTiger are a big help. They improve how businesses keep track of their things. With its benefits and low cost, AssetTiger is a great pick for managing assets better.


Is AssetTiger a free asset management software?

Yes, AssetTiger is free. This software is for businesses and has many features.

How does AssetTiger work?

It uses cloud-based technology. You can access it on computers, phones, and tablets. Just sign up to use its tools and features.

What are some competitors to AssetTiger?

Competing software includes Spiceworks and BlueTally. They also help manage assets but have different features.

What is the value of Spiceworks for asset tracking?

Spiceworks is free but offers basic tracking. It lacks GPS and alerts for maintenance schedules.

What are the benefits of asset management software?

Asset software is great for businesses. It helps oversee assets, track them efficiently, and keep detailed check-out logs. It also handles contracts and licenses, creates reports, and secures data.

How does AssetTiger compare in terms of pricing and value?

AssetTiger stands out with its free software for up to 250 assets. It beats competitors by giving more features for free.

Does AssetTiger offer security and compliance measures?

AssetTiger is big on security and compliance. It’s SOC 2 Type I certified and follows GDPR. Your data is safe on servers in Germany.

What kind of customer support is available for AssetTiger?

AssetTiger helps through email and live chat. They offer a live demo and a 14-day trial for exploring before buying.

How does AssetTiger compare to other asset management software?

AssetTiger leads in features among free options. It’s a top choice for managing assets.