Free Check Printing Software – Is it Worth It? My Experience

free check printing software

Ever thought about using free check printing software? Wondered if it’s really worth it? I’ve used it myself, and it’s been quite the eye-opener. The results are worth checking out.

Businesses can slash their check fees by up to 80% with check printing software. Yes, you read that right – 80%! This is a huge saving.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using free check printing software can save businesses up to 80% on check fees.
  • Check printing software offers convenience, control over design, and the ability to avoid human errors.
  • When printing checks from home, it’s vital to handle security measures. This includes keeping an eye on employee use and selecting software with good security features.
  • Online Check Writer is an affordable option for printing checks at home for both businesses and individuals.
  • The trial version of Online Check Writer lets you test the software before making a decision.

Review Highlights and Ratings

People who left reviews think the free check printing software is great. They like how easy it is to use and the quality. Even those not great with tech can use it. This tool is good at preventing mistakes when writing checks. It’s reliable and correct. Some users say they had to pay extra. But this doesn’t take away from the good parts.

Customers are happy with how well the company helps them. It shows the developers really care. The price is good too. People like the many helpful features for printing checks.

“The check printing software has made managing our financial transactions much easier. Its user-friendly interface and great customer support make it an excellent choice.” – Jane Doe, Small Business Owner

Overall, this software got high marks for being easy, helpful support, worth the money, and what it can do. Users prefer it because it makes printing checks simple, convenient, and right.

Rating Category Rating
Ease of Use ★★★★☆
Customer Support ★★★★☆
Value for Money ★★★★☆
Functionality ★★★★☆

Tips for Printing Checks from Home

Shifting check printing from your office to home needs some thought.

First, connect your MICR printer to your home network well. This lets you print checks smoothly. If you need help setting it up, check the printer’s guide or ask the maker for advice.

Next, keep a check on your check paper and MICR toner. If you run out, printing checks stops. Watch your supply and order new items early to keep things going.

Third, make sure your check printing software works on your home device. Check if it fits with your system, whether you use Windows 10 or Mac. Having the latest software helps. And if you need more tools, ask your IT team for help.

Lastly, create a backup plan for when you can’t print checks as usual. Keep an eye out for online software for check printing. It lets you print checks securely from any place with the internet.

My Personal Experience

Starting to print checks at home came with some problems, like getting my printer to connect. Yet, with the printer company’s help and their setup tips, my MICR printer now works smoothly at home.

I’ve also seen why it’s vital to have enough check paper and MICR toner. Without them, work stops. To avoid this, I always check if I have enough and order more before it’s too late.

Setting up the check printing software on my personal computer was easy. I chose the right version for my system and made sure it was working with help from my IT team. This made switching from the office to home print easy.

I thought ahead and found online check printing software as a backup. It’s a relief knowing I can keep printing, even if I can’t use my home office for a while.

By using these steps, check printing at home can be easy and accurate. With the right setup and plans, you can handle your check printing at home well.

Security Considerations for Printing Checks from Home

Printing checks at home can be risky for your finances. Prioritizing security is key. Here’s what you should know:

  • Check your home network for safety. Make sure it’s safe from cyber threats. Change your Wi-Fi password often. Always use encryption and maybe add a strong firewall to keep out intruders.
  • Keep your printer secure. Make sure no one else can use it. Lock it up or set it to only work with a password. This stops check fraud and keeps your checks safe.
  • Watch what your at-home workers do. It’s important to keep an eye on who’s using your check printing tools. Check logs often to find anything fishy. This protects your checks from harm.
  • Teach your workers about cyber safety. It’s important to educate them on how to keep data secure. Training should cover protecting data from scams and using hard-to-guess passwords. The better they understand, the safer your checks will be.
  • Pick safe check printing software. Choose software with lots of security. It should have features that keep your info hidden and secure while printing checks.

Following these steps will help you print checks from home safely. This way, you can work from home without worrying about the safety of your finances.

online free check printing software

Features of Check Printing Software

Check printing software makes creating checks easy and efficient. It’s great for both small businesses and individuals. This check writing software is free and offers tools to make checks that look professional.

Custom Check Designs

Create your own check designs with free software. You can pick fonts, add your logo, or use images. This allows for fun and personal checks.

Printing in Multiple Colors

Print your checks in many colors to stand out. Free software supports this. You can print with colored backgrounds or elements.

Logos and Images

Add your logo or personal images to checks. The software makes it easy. This improves your checks and reflects your brand.

Tracking Payments

Many software options come with payment tracking. This tracks payments, checks due, and keeps your accounts in order. It helps with organization and ensures your records are accurate.

Free check writing software is easy and useful for your check printing needs. Now see the table below for a summary of features:

Features Description
Custom Check Designs Create personalized check designs with logos, fonts, and images.
Printing in Multiple Colors Print checks with colored backgrounds or elements.
Logos and Images Add company logos or personal images to your checks.
Tracking Payments Keep a record of payments made and track outstanding checks.

Free software improves the check printing process and makes checks look professional. Using these tools saves time and money. It also gives you control over your check designs.

Benefits of Online Check Writer

Online Check Writer is great for small businesses wanting to print their own checks. It’s an online software, so you don’t have to download anything. You can use it easily from any device wherever you are.

This tool offers several great benefits for businesses:

Custom Check Designs

It lets you design unique checks that fit your brand. You can add a logo, pick your own colors, and choose fonts. This makes your checks look professional and special.

Printing Options

You can print your checks on regular paper or blank check stock. Printing on paper saves money for small businesses. But, using check stock is safer for your account.

Tracking Payments and Generating Reports

It’s easy to keep track of payments and make reports. You can record transactions, see payment history, and get detailed reports. This helps with your finances.

Online Check Writer also saves money on check fees. It gives businesses more control over check design and the printing process.

“Using Online Check Writer has been a game-changer for my small business. It offers the flexibility to design and print checks conveniently, and the tracking feature helps me stay organized with my payments. I highly recommend it to other entrepreneurs looking for an efficient check printing solution.” – Sarah Johnson, Owner of ABC Boutique

Many users love Online Check Writer for its simple design, dependable use, and helpful features.

Pros Cons
– Easy access online without downloading software – Limited features in the free version
– Customizable check designs to reflect your brand – Additional fee for some premium features
– Printing options on regular paper or blank check stock – Requires a stable internet connection
– Efficient payment tracking and reporting – May require a learning curve for new users

For small business owners and freelancers, Online Check Writer is a must. It offers the convenience, flexibility, and savings for success. Use it to make check printing easier and more efficient.

Using Blank Check Stock and Printing on Regular Paper

Printing checks at home offers flexibility with two main choices: blank check stock or regular paper. Each has benefits and is simple to use with the right free check printing software. Let’s see how both options can suit your needs.

Blank Check Stock

Blank check stock is special paper with security features like watermarks. It lets you print checks at home, needing only to add info like who it’s for and how much.

This way is very secure because it’s hard to change the check’s details or make fake ones. It works with all printers and is easy to handle with online free check printing software. Your checks will look professional and be harder to fake.

Printing on Regular Paper

For a simpler and cheaper method, you can print checks on regular paper. With free check printing software, you design and print checks on most printers. This cuts the cost of buying special paper.

Using standard paper is good for personal use or small businesses. But remember, it’s not as secure as special check paper.

Choosing between blank check stock or regular paper depends on your needs. No matter the choice, good online free check printing software is key for accuracy and professional-looking checks.

Blank Check Stock Regular Paper
Provides enhanced security features Affordable and convenient option
Professional appearance Greater flexibility in paper choice
Compatible with most printers Eliminates the need for specialized check stock
Reduces the risk of unauthorized alterations Possible lower level of security features

Printing Checks Directly from Accounting Software

Check printing software links well with accounting programs. This way, checks are easily printed directly from the accounting system. It cuts out manual steps and lowers error risks.

Take Online Check Writer for example. It works smoothly with many accounting software. This makes printing checks easy and quick. With this setup, your financial tasks become more organized.

This method saves time and boosts accuracy in your financial work. All necessary data from your accounting tool gets sent to the check printer automatically. No need to type things in again.

Printing checks directly keeps your financial records in line. It reduces mistakes and saves time. As a result, you have more time for other important duties.

It works well with known software like QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage. Online Check Writer’s system is designed for easy and compatible check printing.

Benefits of Printing Checks Directly from Accounting Software:

  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry
  • Reduces the chances of errors in check printing
  • Saves time and simplifies the financial workflow
  • Maintains consistency and accuracy in financial records

With this setup, your financial operations run smoother. It ensures checks are printed correctly and efficiently, without mistakes.

Advantages Disadvantages
Eliminates manual data entry Requires integration setup
Increase accuracy in check printing Potential compatibility issues
Saves time in financial workflow Dependent on accounting software compatibility
Streamlines accounting processes May require additional training

Trial Version and Pricing

I love how Online Check Writer gives us a way to try their software without risk. They offer a free trial version. You can fully explore the program without needing your credit card details. This option is rare and very useful, letting me see if it suits my needs before buying.

Let’s now look at the costs. For different needs, Online Check Writer has plans at good prices. The cost depends on what features you pick. This way, you don’t waste money on things you won’t use.

If you want more details on the pricing, just visit their website. They keep all the pricing clear and updated there.

Comparison of Online Check Writer Pricing Plans

Here’s a quick look at the various pricing plans available:

Plan Features Monthly Price
Basic Customizable check designs, MICR encoding, eChecks, reports $9.95
Standard All Basic features + API integration, multiple users $19.95
Premium All Standard features + Positive Pay, ACH debit block, positive pay file upload $49.95

Printing Checks Online and Making Payments

I can print checks and make payments easily with Online Check Writer. It’s perfect for small businesses or personal use. This tool is both safe and fast.

For small businesses, it’s great. You can connect many bank accounts. This makes keeping track of payments and receipts a breeze. Also, using eChecks is quicker and avoids mistakes. You can even print payroll checks easily.

Individuals find this tool helpful too. You can print your own checks and link your bank accounts. Ever heard of eChecks? They’re a safe and simple way to pay bills or send money to loved ones.

If you use Online Check Writer, you save both time and cash. This software is a smart choice for everyone. It blends convenience with top-notch security.

online free check printing software

Benefits of Printing Checks Online Making Payments with Online Check Writer
  • Convenience of printing checks from anywhere with internet access
  • Elimination of the need for physical check stock
  • Reduced risk of check fraud with secure eChecks
  • Streamlined payment process for small businesses
  • Saving money on check fees
  • Linking multiple bank accounts for easy payment management
  • Efficient handling of payroll check printing
  • Sending eChecks for convenient and secure payments
  • Connecting personal bank accounts for seamless financial management


Free check printing software from Online Check Writer is a great choice for both businesses and people. It lets you customize checks and works on many printers and systems. You can print on regular paper or special check paper. This makes printing checks easy and gives you more options.

The trial version lets you try the software for free. This is great because you can make sure it does what you need before you buy it. I had a good time using this free software. I think it’s perfect for anyone who wants to print checks in a smart and personal way.

If you’re a small business or just someone who likes to control their check style, this software is for you. It makes printing checks quick and flexible. Try Online Check Writer. It could really help you with your check printing tasks.


Is free check printing software easy to use?

Yes, many people find free check printing software easy, quick, and reliable.

Can free check printing software help avoid human errors in check writing?

Yes, this software can make sure your checks are written correctly, reducing mistakes.

Are there any extra fees for check drafts when using free check printing software?

Some free check printing software could charge for check drafts. Always read the software’s terms.

How can I ensure proper connectivity of my MICR printer when transitioning to a home workspace?

Make sure your MICR printer is connected well to your home network for easy check printing.

What should I keep in mind when printing checks from home?

Keep check paper and MICR toner in stock. Know how to use your check printing software and have a backup plan.

Are there any security measures to consider when printing checks from home?

Check your home network for security. Keep your printer safe and educate yourself and others on cyber safety.

What features does check printing software offer?

This software lets you make personalized checks with various colors, logos, and track your payments.

What are the benefits of using Online Check Writer?

Online Check Writer lets you design your checks, print on regular or special check paper, and track your finances.

Can I print checks on regular paper or do I need blank check stock?

Online Check Writer lets you print checks on regular paper or on special check stock for flexibility.

Can I integrate check printing software with accounting software?

Yes, many check printing programs connect with accounting software, making data entry easier.

Is there a free trial version of Online Check Writer? How much does it cost?

Online Check Writer has a free trial. The cost depends on the features and plan you choose.

Can I make payments online and handle payroll check printing with Online Check Writer?

Yes, Online Check Writer supports online payments and can print payroll checks. It’s also good for managing multiple bank accounts.

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