Free Inventory Software – Is it Worth It? My Experience

free inventory software

Being a small business owner often means looking for ways to save. Many have considered free inventory software. But does it really help manage your stock effectively? I’ll share my journey using these tools. Together we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages.

For those with few resources, handling inventory is a big challenge. Free inventory software might catch your eye. But, do these tools really meet the needs of a growing business?

Key Takeaways:

  • Free inventory software can be a budget-friendly choice for small ventures.
  • Look for programs that match what your business specifically needs. Examples include a mobile app for inventory and a barcode scanner.
  • It’s wise to choose software that has paid options for more features as your business expands.
  • Options like Zoho Inventory, Square Inventory, Sortly, and others provide great, free inventory management tools.
  • Decide based on what your business requires and the tools each software provides.

The Best Free Inventory Management Software Solutions

Managing inventory is key for businesses big or small. For small businesses, using free inventory management software can save money. This way, they can do more with their budget. In this article, find out about the top free options and what makes them special.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is great for tracking stock across multiple places. It links easily with Amazon and eBay, helping manage sales online. Plus, it has a feature that scans barcodes, making tracking items simple.

Square Inventory

Retailers should check out Square Inventory. It’s designed to help stores keep track of inventory well. It includes a sales system and alerts for low stock. Plus, your stock is always updated, whether selling in-store or online.


Sortly’s app is perfect for iOS and Android users. It makes inventory management easy with photos, and the ability to scan QR codes. While the free version has some limits, there are paid options with more features.


SalesBinder is ideal for businesses with multiple locations needing an inventory tracker. It includes mobile support, barcode scanning, and invoicing. This makes it easier to manage stock at all sites efficiently.

Stockpile by Canvus

Stockpile by Canvus is a great option with no limits on items or users. It’s perfect for managing inventory freely. Even though it might lack in some features, its freedom in use stands out.


Backbar is made for bars and restaurants. It offers tools like inventory tracking and recipe costing. Its connection with POS systems makes managing inventory simpler and ensures accurate stock levels.


Odoo is the last on the list, yet it brings a lot for warehouses. Their apps help in many ways, including handling inventory. Though the free plan is basic, you can upgrade for additional benefits as your business grows.

There are many great choices for free inventory software. Whether you need to track products at many locations or just simplify your process, there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore these options further and find the best one for your needs.

Zoho Inventory – Overall Free Inventory Software

Zoho Inventory is a great choice for businesses needing free inventory software. It has many features and a simple design. This makes managing your stock easy.

One great thing about Zoho Inventory is how it syncs your stock data everywhere you sell online. This includes your own site, Amazon, eBay, and social media. So, you always know how much you have in stock.

Zoho Inventory blends well with top accounting tools like Zoho Books and QuickBooks Online. Linking these helps with your finances and shows how profitable your business is. This integration is very useful.

Loading your products with barcodes in Zoho Inventory boosts how accurate and fast you manage. You can use barcode scanners to update stock counts without errors. This saves you a lot of time.

Zoho Inventory is also on mobile, available for iOS and Android. This lets you check and change your stock info from anywhere. Perfect for being on the move or away from your office.

While Zoho Inventory offers a free plan, it does limit certain things, like the number of users or orders you can make. But, as your business gets bigger, you can choose plans that fit your new needs better.

In conclusion, Zoho Inventory is a solid choice for managing inventory for free. Its features, connections, and simple to understand design are its main strengths. It’s perfect for businesses wanting to make their inventory work smoother.

Key Features of Zoho Inventory:

  • Inventory syncing across multiple online sales channels
  • Integration with Zoho Books and QuickBooks Online
  • Barcode generation and scanning
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android


Square Inventory – Free Retail Inventory Software

Square Inventory is a great choice for managing stock in retail. It’s free and works well with the Square system. This makes it a strong tool for all kinds of shops.

It stands out with a built-in POS system and a way to take payments. So, stores can handle sales and manage their stock in one place.

Retailers get to add as many items as they need with Square Inventory. This helps them keep track of everything they sell, which is very useful for stores with big selections.

It also has a cool feature that tells you when items are almost out. This way, shops can reorder in time and never run out of products.

Square Inventory links well with Square’s online store tool. This links your physical and online shop, keeping stock accurate. It stops you from selling what you don’t have.

free retail inventory software

Benefits of Square Inventory – At a Glance

Feature Description
Built-in POS system Easily process sales and accept payments
Unlimited items Manage and track your entire product catalog
Low stock alerts Receive notifications when items are running low
E-commerce store integration Sync inventory between physical and online stores

The free version of Square Inventory is a good start for many shops. It doesn’t have everything, like making barcodes, unless you pay more. But, it should be enough for most store owners to keep track of stock well.

In the end, Square Inventory is a strong choice for those needing a no-cost inventory helper. It comes packed with tools, like a built-in POS and stock alerts. Plus, it links your in-store goods with your online ones. This means smoother management for retailers.

Sortly – Free Inventory App

Sortly is a top choice for managing your inventory on the go. It’s free and works on iOS and Android. Small businesses love it for its ease of use and powerful tools.

One cool thing about Sortly is it scans QR codes and barcodes. Just scan the label to keep track of your inventory. It makes managing things much quicker and less error-prone.

Plus, Sortly can work offline. So, if you’re in a place with no internet, you can still manage your inventory. This feature is great for businesses off the beaten path.

Sortly helps you keep your inventory neat. You can sort items into categories and add photos. This way, you and your team can easily find what you need.

The free plan does have some limits, though. It’s not the best for bigger businesses or those with lots of inventory.

Luckily, as your business grows, Sortly has paid plans with more features. You can choose what fits your needs best. You can also upgrade to get QR code generation and alerts for low stock.

In short, Sortly is a standout free app for managing inventory. It includes scanning, offline use, and easy organization. Despite some limits, it can truly improve how you handle your inventory.

SalesBinder – Tracking Inventory Across Multiple Locations

SalesBinder stands out for businesses managing inventory in many places. Its free software helps track items easily, wherever they’re stored.

  • Mobile Inventory App for iOS: A handy app for iOS is part of SalesBinder. It lets you check, update, and manage your stock from anywhere. This quick access means you can always keep an eye on your inventory levels.
  • Barcode Scanning: SalesBinder makes tracking stock simpler with barcode scanning. Just scan items to update your inventory, cutting down on mistakes and saving time.
  • Reports and Invoicing: You can get detailed inventory reports and handle your invoices with SalesBinder. This makes it easy to see how your stock is doing, and also to bill your clients professionally.

The free SalesBinder plan can handle unlimited locations, perfect for companies with many sites or shops. But remember, the number of users and linked accounts is limited with the free version.

For more advanced inventory needs, SalesBinder’s premium plans offer extra features. They even sync with QuickBooks Online and other systems for a complete inventory and finance overview.

Using SalesBinder means you can keep track of inventory everywhere. It smooths out your stock management and boosts understanding of sales and stock.

What Our Users Say:

“SalesBinder has really changed the game for us. With multiple warehouses, we needed reliable inventory tracking. SalesBinder fit the bill, keeping our stock updates accurate. The mobile app and barcode scanning are big time-savers, and they cut down on mistakes. I’d recommend it without hesitation!”

– Samantha Turner, Operations Manager at XYZ Company
Features SalesBinder
Mobile Inventory App
Barcode Scanning
Reports and Invoicing
Unlimited Locations
Integration with QuickBooks Online Available in higher-tier plans

Stockpile by Canvus – Free Inventory Tracker with Unlimited Items and Users

Stockpile by Canvus is a great inventory tracker, and it’s free. It offers a complete system for managing inventory without any cost. An important feature is that it lets you track unlimited items and have unlimited users. This makes it perfect for any business size.

This tracker comes with many useful tools. You can easily add, manage, and even return items. It also lets you put labels and images on all items. Its easy-to-use design helps you keep track of your stock and find items quickly.

One feature that stands out is the ability to move items between places. This is handy for businesses with more than one store or warehouse. It helps keep your inventory well-distributed, reducing the chance of running out or having too much stock.

But, it doesn’t have advanced reports or connections to other software. If you need detailed analyses or to connect with sales or accounting tools, you might want to check out other paid options.

In summary, Stockpile by Canvus is a free, powerful, and easy-to-use tool. It works wonders for businesses aiming to better their inventory methods and operations.

Pros Cons
● Forever free inventory tracker ● Limited reporting capabilities
● Unlimited items and users ● No built-in integrations with other platforms
● Inventory import and management
● Stock counts and returns
● Images and labels for inventory items
● Inventory transfers between locations

Backbar – Free Bar and Restaurant Inventory Management

Backbar is a top choice for bar and restaurant inventory needs. Its features are complete and it’s simple to use. This helps businesses in the hospitality field handle their inventory well.

Its free software is made for bars and restaurants. It’s perfect for businesses wanting to better their inventory. No matter the place, Backbar helps you keep everything organized.

The tools in Backbar meet the industry’s needs. They cover inventory tracking, recipe costs, purchase orders, and work with your cash register. Bar and restaurant owners can manage inventory with ease.

Backbar’s free plan is great for starting out. It may limit the number of places you can manage. But, as you grow, you can move on to more features with their other plans. This way, your system grows with your business.

You can also try Backbar’s Essential or Professional plans for a month for free. This lets you see all their great features. It helps you decide if their paid plans suit your business.

free bar and restaurant inventory management

Backbar shines in managing bar and restaurant inventory. It’s user-friendly, powerful, and has options for any budget. This lets you keep your inventory running well, so you can focus on serving your customers.

Odoo – Free Warehouse Inventory Management

Odoo is a top pick for businesses needing free warehouse inventory tools. It has apps for all types of businesses, big or small. With Odoo, you can make your inventory management easier and more efficient.

The free Odoo plan includes one app for inventory management. You can pick what features matter most to you. If you need more, Odoo has different prices for more features and users.

Choosing Odoo means you get a discount every month for the first year. This cuts costs for businesses wanting to save money. Keep in mind, the Odoo app works only on iOS for now.

Odoo’s free tool gives you great stock tracking, order management, and reports. It makes your warehouse run smoothly. With its easy-to-use design and strong features, you can see your stock well and make smart choices.

Read on to see what the free Odoo plan for warehouse inventory offers:

Features Free Plan
Stock Tracking
Order Management
Mobile App (iOS)
Additional Pricing Tiers
Monthly Discount (1st 12 months)

Odoo’s free software helps businesses manage their warehouse well. It includes tracking stock, managing orders, and making reports. As your business grows, Odoo can grow with you, offering more options.


Free inventory software is a great help for small businesses. It lets them manage their stock without spending a lot. But, make sure to pick the right software for your needs. It should have the features you need. There are many good free inventory software options out there.

Zoho Inventory, Square Inventory, Sortly, SalesBinder, and others are great choices. Each of them has special features to manage your stock better. They can do things like sync your stock over different sales places, scan barcodes, and use mobile apps. So, there’s something for everyone.

Using these free tools, you can watch your stock, get alerts on low items, handle many stores, and connect with other services. Free inventory software is a smart choice for small businesses. It helps save money and makes managing stock much easier. This means you can meet the needs of your customers better.


Is free inventory software a good option for small businesses?

Yes, for small businesses, free inventory software saves money and efficiently manages stock.

What should I consider when choosing free inventory software?

Consider what you need. This includes a mobile app, barcode scanner, multiple users ability, and alerts for low stock.

What are some of the best free inventory management software options?

The top free options are Zoho Inventory, Square Inventory, Sortly, SalesBinder, Stockpile by Canvus, Backbar, and Odoo.

What features does Zoho Inventory offer?

Zoho Inventory syncs inventory across sales channels, integrates with accounting software, and has a barcode generator. It comes with a mobile app too.

What features does Square Inventory offer?

Square Inventory has a built-in POS system, unlimited items, and low stock alerts.

What features does Sortly have?

Sortly has QR and barcode scanning, an offline mode, and helps you organize items with pictures.

What features does SalesBinder offer?

SalesBinder provides a mobile app, barcode scanning, useful reports, and invoicing tools.

What features does Stockpile by Canvus have?

Stockpile by Canvus lets you have unlimited items and users, import inventory, do stock counts, track returns, and add images and labels to items.

What features does Backbar offer?

Backbar has inventory tracking, recipe costs, manages purchase orders, and integrates with POS systems. It’s made for bars and restaurants.

What features does Odoo have?

Odoo has apps for various business needs, including inventory management. It helps with warehouse inventory too.

Should I consider upgrading to a paid plan in the future?

Upgrading to a paid plan is recommended as you grow. It brings more features and capabilities.

Are there any limitations to the free inventory software options?

Yes, free plans may limit users, items, and certain features in the software we talked about.