Freeware: GFI LANguard, vulnerability management solution

Nowadays it’s not very common to see a useful tool offered for free, especially if we are talking about security software. GFI LANguard is breaking the competition with others and going freeware. This free vulnerability management tool allows you to scan, detect, assess and rectify security vulnerabilities on your network. With over 15,000 vulnerability assessments in their database, and you can rest assured — nothing will happen to your network.

Where is the catch? There is no catch, really, however there is a limitation, the free version is version is available for up to 5 IPs (which is, if you ask me, also quite enough for most networks). If you need more than 5 IPs, there is an additional charge of$32 per IP address. Among the key features, is the ability to analyze scan resutls easily, Scan and retrieve OS data from Linux, allows remote desktop connection and scans for unnecessary open ports. These are just a few from the list of features GFI LANguard includes. GFI LANguard has also already won a several awards, including PC magazine award earlier this year, thanks to the low treshhold required to get started, and  easy installation.

Bottom line is, this free software allows you to easily handle vulnerabilities, patches, and have a complete overview of your network without any in-dept knowledge of the subject. After all, it’s free so you lose nothing by trying it out.

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