The Ultimate Alternative To Craiglist, for Americans

Many people like Craiglist, and use it daily, but let’s face it: the amount of scam, especially scam that comes from “international” users, can turn any user away and I know personally a few people who stopped using Craiglist because it’s hard to rely on its content anymore. If you are a US resident, one of those who got fed up with browsing iffy classified ads — Fruzo Classifieds is exactly the website for you.

This is a new, better, and improved version of Craiglist, that took over 2 years to build — as Richard Fox, Fruzo’s co-founder, told us. We can indeed see that they took this project seriously, and included a lot of handy features that will beat the competition with any similar websites. The innovations include a very easy user interface, advanced security features, and most important:  this site is only available in the US and all IP addresses outside of the country are blocked.

I personally really loved the rich-in-icons interface, posting an ad or finding one, was extremely fast and easy. All you need to do is click on “post ad”, click on “category” (nicely illustrated with icons as well), choose a sub-category, location, and post your ad. That’s it! Ads are 100% free to post, free to browse, and would stay online for 30 days unless prolonged or deleted prior to the deadline. Anything that is illegal, or remotely not “safe” is disallowed by the administration, which guarantees a clean and family-friendly environment for all the ads.

I believe Classifieds is going to be a huge competition to Craiglist now that they heavily promote their website and I can see many bloggers actually express their positive expectations from this project. I also noticed a great deal of positive feedback from users, and that comes as no surprise — this is by far the best classifieds website you will come across, just have a look!

Is Fruzo safe to use?

It is, indeed, Through security mechanisms that protect members’ and information privacy, Fruzo provides a safe and secure contact experience. Fruzo promotes security and applies numerous security measures throughout the members’ actions, from registration to frequent usage.

Is Fruzo a legitimate dating site?

It is, indeed, Fruzo boasts tens of thousands of subscribers and users who enjoy the site’s unique combination of video chatting and social networking features. There are a lot of reviews that include user or member comments and testimonials that show that it is real.

How do I use Fruzo?

By combining cam-to-cam technology and a social networking platform, Fruzo connects you with people who share your interest in meeting new people. Following your free signup, you will be able to browse through the various membership profiles in its large user base.

Is Fruzo available for free?

Membership and registration are both free. Fruzo provides a 30-day free trial period during which you can connect with its users. By paying a fair monthly charge, you can enhance your membership level.

Is Fruzo effective?

It does, indeed. Again, hundreds of members or users attest to Fruzo’s efficacy as a dating service. Furthermore, a number of evaluations and member testimonies support the site’s honesty and trustworthiness.


Fruzo’s claim to be the first software to mix the ease of social networking with video conferencing may be called into question. The website is frequently described as a “gold-tested concept wrapped in a new box.” Regardless of whether they are the first, the reality remains that the service operates and effectively employs that specific style and approach to online dating. This could be linked to the fact that video conferencing adds a whole new level to online dating relationships. There’s something about talking face-to-face with a live person that other means of communication can’t even approach, let alone match.

The 30-day trial period is an interesting feature that is rarely found on other dating sites. The time frame is lengthy enough for some fortunate and capable individuals to meet their match before the timeframe expires. That implies they won’t have to pay for a premium subscription any longer. Of course, this is a one-time occurrence.

We’d like to discuss the dating site’s simplicity and muted style, which conveys seriousness and honesty. The blue color scheme utilized by Fruzo’s designers suggests a holy undertone to the entire connection experience. As previously said, blues and greens have a relaxing effect on people and are not a common color tone employed by other dating services. Reds and purples, which represent passion and fire, are the natural hues used. Regardless, Fruzo has been very successful with all of its projects, and its members have been very happy.

Overall, we believe Fruzo is a fantastic chatting platform and dating service. It gives its members the perfect blend of technology and simplicity that works!

If you’re seeking a unique dating experience and the possibility to find a meaningful relationship while also having fun, Fruzo is unquestionably worth a try! If you have 30 days to test the waters, there’s no harm in jumping on board.

Ryan is a well-known and experienced psychotherapist, dating and relationship advisor, and he enjoys traveling, yoga, and Indian culture in general. He is a true professional!


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