Getting Started With WordPress Hosting – All In One Solution

Getting Started With WordPress Hosting - All In One Solution -

It’s been a while since we posted a hosting tutorial, so now before Christmas I feel it’s the right time to do so! As many of our readers know, we own and run many websites, all of which are powered by WordPress, so since we can’t (and don’t  want to) keep all our eggs in one basket, we occasionally search the web for new and better hosting companies to accommodate our websites. Last month our choice fell on, basically because they are the only ones who offer TWO auto installers for WordPress. The standard version (what you get with every other hosting company) and one that includes their “A2 Optimize” plugin pre-installed.

What “A2 Optimized” is about? first I didn’t think this plugin would be anything special, but after testing it live and seeing all the features it offers, I realized just how great it is. It comes packed with 15 modules, all of which are designed to speed up the performance of your website, and save you money, by saving the server’s resources. Although “A2 Optimized” plugin is available free in WordPress’s plugins directory, in order to get the full advantage of “A2 Optimized“, you need to host your site at A2 Hosting .

As a regular user you are often faced with sever outrages, caused by peaks of traffic, excessive robots crawling or simply DOS attacks, that are quite frequent, unfortunately. I remember so many times when I had to pay extra money for different server outrages, and in the end I always ended up installing various plugins to optimize the website’s performance. It’s no secret that WordPress is consuming 10x more server’s resources compared to classic HTML website, not only because it’s a dynamic content powered by SQL database, but because loading the WordPress theme alone requires a great deal of php strings, even if we talk about a very light and highly optimized WordPress theme. In reality, most of us use heavy themes, with tons of options and dozens of plugins, all of which result in needless php queries, slow down website’s performance and use up a lot of bandwidth and CPU. “A2 Optimized” tackles all of these problems, and many others along the way, which you may not have thought of, such as reducing spam comments and compressing images. It really is an all-in-one solution.

Getting Started With WordPress Hosting - All In One Solution -


Getting Started With WordPress Hosting - All In One Solution -


Getting Started With WordPress Hosting - All In One Solution -

High Quality But Low Price

On top of that, the second reason we chose A2 Hosting, was the quality:price ratio. If you are looking to host a blog on WordPress-optimized platform, with all the powerful features that A2 offers, including free SSD with unlimited disk space and bandwidth monthly, you can sign up right now for as low as $3.92 / monthly (regular price is twice higher). This is an unbeatable price for SSD hosting, considering that you get tons of benefits, from the mentioned above FREE A2 Optimized plugin, to FREE CloudFlare CDN (Avg. 200% faster page load). Even their cheapest plan includes Anycast DNS, 10 Gb/s redundant network, perpetual security w/ Free HackScan, Patchman Enhanced Security Tool and Free shared SSL Certificate.

Getting Started with is Easier

The third reason we chose A2, was because they were the only ones among all the hosting services, who offered website migration FREE. For those of us who are either too busy, or simply not-that-tech-savvy, moving a website from one hosting server to another can pose a challenge. This is what hooked us, because even the smallest hosting plan offers free migration, so if you decide to sign up with A2 Hosting, you can sit back and relax while your website is moving in.

Bottom Line

Getting Started With WordPress Hosting - All In One Solution -

The bottom line is, we are extremely pleased with A2 Hosting’s WordPress hosting, our experience so far was fantastic and therefore we decided to share our thoughts with our readers. For us, we had a smooth website transition, and friendly support team assisted us with every issue we had. Also, as an A+ BBB Accredited Business they offer Money Back Guarantee, in case you won’t be happy with the service, so it’s totally risk free!

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