Going Global? You’ll Need Professional Translation

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Today, in the era of auto-web-translators  we often forget that sometimes, if you are running a serious business, you need a professional translation service. For me, if I browse a website in a foreign language it has always been easy to just hit a translation button in my browser and get a rough idea what the site is all about. However, these robot-powered software services are only good for personal websites or shopping. What happens if you need a legal document translated for your business? What if you create a product and need a quality technical translation for your user manual to a dozen of different languages? And this translation needs to be precise, accurate and error-free, which can only be done by a professional translator, someone who knows both languages flawlessly.

Going Global? You'll Need Professional Translation -

This is where Rosetta Translation services will come handy. This company’s headquartered are located in London, with offices in Shanghai, New York, Paris and Luxembourg. It is a global, huge online translation mogul, used by leading companies in the world, yet thanks for the affordable prices, anyone can make use of their services.

In fact, the main advantage of their service is that there are no hidden fees, you can submit the document(s) you need translated and get a free quote before paying for the project.o surprises by the time your job is done. Since the difficulty and the amount of work required for the translation varies, depending on the language and complexity, each and every client receives an individual quote so there is no pricelist on the site. You can translate patent documents, contracts, medical documents and of course, even websites, if you wish to have a perfectly-readable second version of your website in a different language.

From the list of the languages on Rosetta Translation‘s website I can tell that they cover most of the spoken languages in the civilized world even including the least popular languages spoken in central Asia.

Another key feature is confidentiality. While you may not going to translate a classified document, some of you would want to outsource the translating services while charging a different from a client. Or you may choose to translate sensitive information, either way Rosetta Translation promise to maintain discreteness, and can also offer to sign a formal confidentiality agreement.

Overall, this is a very high quality, extremely professional and easy to work with company that anyone who will ever need a translation will appreciate.



  1. You need to make sure that whatever you are translating, at some point there is a human element to things. Machine translation can only take you so far and does not get around issues such as VSO (Verb, Subject, Object) order, which is different in many languages so you can’t effectively translate ‘word for word’.

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