Has Anyone Noticed The Death of SEO?

Has Anyone Noticed The Death of SEO? -


Tens and hundreds of ranking factors. Explain Page Rank, blossoms exchanges of links and reference aggregators. Analysis of behavioral factors and “matrics”. More and more new algorithms and the pursuit of the top. Endless attempts to trick the search engine. Not long ago I learned of the appearance of even the SEO-pickup: it turns out, search engine optimization came to the streets of Moscow.

It is insulting and ridiculous to hear people “bury” search engine optimization. Look around you – these are more and more, the flow of information is so great that process it is completely unable to none technology. How to understand the flow of information without having to search? Search Science lived up to the Internet and will live for a long time. And professionals who understand search architecture will probably appreciate more than scientists.

The world has changed. People migrated from the world of websites  and forums  into the world of social networks, YouTube-videos, public and pages. There, too, is a search option. How it works? How to promote the group in Facebook Top search for groups? How to move into the top group in social media into the top search result ? How to promote the video in the YouTube search the top or in the top of Google search? Gradually we entered the era of multi-SEO.

SEO is not dead. SEO has changed.


Quickly changed and will change further. We have grown dull world sites, content has become more interesting and varied. Continents social networks attract more audience to itself. Audiences comfortable there. Search engine optimization is now – is not only an impact on sites that cater to Google. Now is the impact on different objects that cater to different search engines operating in different worlds. But the sites, I hope we have learned to push.