Here is How to Create Interactive Images in WordPress

Here is How to Create Interactive Images in WordPress - Graphics

Images play a crucial role in making a blog/website informative and engaging. WordPress is one of the most used platforms to create and maintain blogs and websites. Therefore, it is essential to gain knowledge about how to create interactive images. Steps to create interactive images are discussed below.

First, what makes an image interactive

Interactive images are nothing but the ones which engages the viewers through its highlights such as information or link display. For example, some bar graphs give information of the bar where the pointer is placed. The image should clearly depict its purpose and meaning, or else viewers might get uninterested in the blog and skip it.

How to create an interactive image in WordPress?

To create an effective image in WordPress one may have to use plugins. Draw Attention is a useful plugin to create better images. Users can install this plugin in a few simple steps. After successful installation of the plugin, users can use it by clicking on Draw Attention and then on Add New. The first step of the process is to upload the image, it can be either done by dragging and dropping or by clicking on Upload Image button and selecting the image. The next step is to click on the Publish button. The plugin allows the users to edit the image by highlighting some areas, enhancing colours and to create hotspot areas. The hotspot areas are the part of the site which is to be used for displaying information or links.

The hotspot area of the image should be highlighted and the suitable option under the Action drop-down should be selected. To add a description, Show More Info option should be chosen and to add a link Gotto URL option should be selected. Under General Settings section options to modify background colour, title colour, text colour and so on can be found. The next step is an important one as it has added the image to the blog. To proceed Update button should be clicked and a code will be generated.

How to create interactive images on multiple sites

If multiple images are added to the site, then Draw Attention plugin should be present in all the required sites. Selecting the Import/Export option will open a box where Generate Export Code button should be selected. The generated code should be copied and then the user should head to the sites where he wants to use the same image. The same procedure should be followed, and the copied code should be pasted in the import section.

Uses of interactive images

Apart from creating an impact on the reader side, it also helps greatly in WordPress SEO. It can also increase traffic to the link which is inserted in the image. It also provides convenience for the users as they can click the link directly from the image and can save time and effort.

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