Honest HostGator Review & 25% OFF Hostgator Hosting

Honest HostGator Review & 25% OFF Hostgator Hosting -

Let’s start by saying that if you are in Europe, you’re in a screwed 🙂 Seriously, I never had much sympathy for the European hosting services, let alone they are terribly expensive, so  for both the value for money and the bad service experience, I would always go with an American-based host with reputation. If my business is online, here’s what I want from whoever offers me a hosting service, that’s why I choose Hostgator for my newest project:

  • 24/7 or every day, every hour, all year
  • I want a systems architect or an engineer to help me!
  • I want a machine (server) that is super reliable, with so many resources, that makes an automated back up and is  monitored and updated!
  • I want a fast connection, all inclusive.
  • I do not have to pay for traffic if my site has a blast and is successful!

NHonest HostGator Review & 25% OFF Hostgator Hosting - blogow… for all of us Europeans this is practically impossible, unless you spend hundreds of euro per month.  Then what? Simple, you go to the US or Germany. Hostgator hosting, the service of which I write here, is what I use for the most basic projects, but… not “basic” as you think, these websites that carry several hundred visitors every day. Hostgator is one of the world’s best hosting providers, which really takes seriously its business. Let’s see what you can get with around € 6 a month:

  • shared server managed with cPanel full optional (it is the miles per server control panel, which makes his quick and easy handling even for the less experienced, but … is proof beginner!)
  • unlimited space
  • unlimited number of domains that you can host unlimited
  • unlimited traffic
  • unlimited email box
  • unlimited auto responders
  • And many other things unlimited
  • Fantastico Deluxe and QuickInstall, two software already in your panel that put you have dozens of applications and websites that can be installed with 1 click! You’ve got it right… 1 click and install WordPres, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many others.
  • Backup your data and some days, for about 1 euro per day, real-time backup to the cloud

Honest HostGator Review & 25% OFF Hostgator Hosting - blog

It has so many things that surely forget some (ah! Ruby On Rails!). I use it so much that I also find a permanent discount of 25%, you can just enter the coupon during the ordering process: CJSAVE25 You have to choose the hosting BABY PLAN (the cheapest of the three, the middle one in the selection) . But be careful, to really take advantage of it, you choose the prepay option 1 or 2 years, because this discount only applies to the first payment! So if you choose to pay month after month, you’ll get 25% only $ 7.96. While if you choose to pay, for example, for two years, you will have the 25% discount of $ 214.80, that is – $ 53.70!
If your hosting disappoints you this is the time to change!

Hostgator Website Hosting

The best value / price of the market and many, many features that make this the only choice for hosting 85% of the websites out there. Also great as a development environment and test web sites before putting them online customers. Fantastico Deluxe and Quick Install greatly speed up the publications and the installation of platforms and applications.

The performance is the only negative, but only if your web site receives over 5,000 visits a day. Until then go quiet. Hostgator holds up well!

Bottom Line…
Hostgator is the best in the world at low cost hosting service, it is full-featured and have continuous assistance 24 hours a day, all year round. Furthermore it has to back up your data and constant updating of your machine. What more can you wish for?