How Can I Tell If Slot Games Are Fair?

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Whenever an online casino that we know and trust launches a new title, we automatically trust the game. Why? Casino reviewers, slot players and game developers alike have their own criteria on what makes a safe and trusted slot.

However, sometimes those criteria overlap. This allows us to gauge what are the true features to look for in fair and trusted slots. We’re going to introduce you to some of those right here.


Firstly, forget about playing any slot machine at casinos that aren’t backed by RNG certificates. We’d make an exception for crypto slots, but we’ll come to those in a moment. Any casino that reportedly has fair and trusted slots will be backed by an RNG certificate. These ensure that the RNGs (random number generators) in the slot’s games have been tested and verified as fair and reliable.

Published RTP Rates

Secondly, we’d look for RTP rates. Consider RTP to be the opposite side of a coin that also contains a house edge. The RTP rate tells you how much of each bet the casino puts back into a pot for you to win, while the house edge is pure profit. Many top casinos publish the RTP rates of their games. The higher the RTP rate, the better. We’d only play slots with an RTP of 95% or higher.

Provably Fair Hallmarks

As touched on, we tend to make an exception for RNG certificates when it comes to crypto slots for high rollers . This is because crypto slots fall under their own genre. As they are run on the blockchain, what you really need to check is that they are Provably Fair. This is a like-for-like algorithm that checks a crypto casino’s games to ensure that they are fair and trustworthy.

Double Check with the Developer’s Website

If your casino publishes its game’s RTP rates and is RNG-certified, you should have to worry. However, if you want to know if the figures that you’re seeing are accurate, then there are ways to do that. Heading over to the casino software provider’s website is the best way to do so. Slot reviews are another way. You can find all the magic numbers you need there. Compare them with those that the casino must make sure that they add up. If there are major discrepancies, the casino is probably misbehaving.

Free to Play Slot Games

Arguably the best way to test if a slot is fair (if you know your onions) is to test drive it. You can find free-to-play slot demos on the websites of software providers, casino, and slot review sites, and even at casinos themselves. Give the slot gambling game a run for its money for free. You can use equations to calculate RTP and fair play. This is a lot of homework, but ultimately it is the best way to ensure that the slots offered are fair and trustworthy.