How Designers Spice Up Their Personal Space?

Your bedroom should be a space you go to feel peace and calm. It’s a room that should enhance your lifestyle and reflect your tastes. Finding the perfect balance between style and function is essential to creating a bedroom that supports and comforts you.

This space is personal, so you should arrange the furniture in a way that makes living easier. Start by taking measurements, then begin mapping out a floor plan. You can then determine which pieces of furniture will fit and how to they should be positioned. 

Next, let’s figure out what colors will work best in the room. Creating a mood board lets you experiment with different color palettes and materials. Use samples and swatches to gain a visual and feel for how the elements will interact. Then determine if you’re a morning person or a night owl. Morning people lean toward lighter, more energizing colors than night owls who prefer richer, darker shades.

And don’t hesitate to play with patterns and prints. Using accessories with stripes, flowers, and polka dots can add the right touch of personal pizzazz to your space. Be sure to find a color you love and then track down patterns or prints that have this same color to tie the pieces together. 

Lighting also influences the colors you choose. Artificial light can cause white furniture to appear creamy, paler colors to show up darker. Be sure to view your mood board with the lighting you’ll be using in the room so you can decide if you need to go up or down a shade. 

When it comes to settling on a style for the room, you can flip through interior design magazines for ideas or hire a designer. Designers can give you great suggestions and useful information, but their fees can add up. They usually have relationships with brands and manufacturers that are mutually beneficial for them, but not necessarily you.

An interior designer may push one product over another simply because they will earn a bigger commission from sales. However, it may not be a piece that fits your lifestyle or unique tastes. 1StopBedrooms has professional experts who don’t work for a commission. Instead, they make suggestions based on the information they gather by listening to you. 

You can browse through a variety of beds and matching sets. Just look through the full 1SB catalog Filter the options by style, color, material, and brand and you can order your bedroom set with free shipping. Whatever your budget, the low costs guarantee you will find a bedroom set you’ll love. If you’re concerned about making a full payment upfront, then manage your payments monthly. You can finance your order for up to thirty-six months and take advantage of the free shipping option for additional savings. 

Not only will you find the bedroom set you’re looking for at an unbelievable price, but you can also complete the look here with beautiful bedding, rug, and accessory selections that will bring the room a feeling of cohesiveness. Reach out to one of the designers today and start creating your peaceful oasis. 

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