How do I Fix My Damaged Online Reputation?

How do I Fix My Damaged Online Reputation? - Technology

A damaged reputation can affect your customers’ buying decisions, break trust or dismantle your business altogether. However, with the right tools and expertise, you can recover from the impact of a ruined reputation.

Access the Damage

The first step to repairing your damaged reputation is by accessing the scope of the damage. Harmful content that appears from your Google search could have damaged your reputation more than you can imagine.

Make proper analysis to determine the damage.

  • What type of content is ranking on your site?
  • How many searches are there?
  • Which department is most affected, and how is your business reputation affected by the content?
  • Reputation risk assessment matrix may help you understand the damage well.


Keep talking to your followers and consumers. Do not be slow to admit a mistake or, worse, stay silent during a time of crisis.

Ensure you say the right things at the right time since everything will be analyzed and even criticized. Tell your consumers what went wrong and the steps you are taking to rectify the situation.

Also, ensure that you capitalize on the positives and reframe the negatives. A well-vetted press release can help deliver the message, which can help start your reputation repair journey.

Publish Positive Content for Shift Attention

You do not want your consumers to focus on harmful content for too long. Make sure you publish more positive content to shift the attention of your consumers from the harmful content. 

Your best shot at recovering your reputation lies in promoting positivity using content that ranks high in SERPs. This strategy is twofold, one you need to use good content to push the bad ones down; secondly, you need to give Google index high-quality content to dilute the unwanted content.

Separate Emotions from Work

It isn’t easy to separate feelings from the truth, especially if you are a highly emotional person. Any online comment or funny look may reinforce your vulnerability. You should always try to understand what is real and what is believed to be accurate to attain proper online reputation management.

Turn Negative Reviews to Your Advantage.

You can address any negative reviews and resolve issues publicly on a platform that all your followers can see. If you are transparent and publicly handle criticism, it gives your consumers assurance that you have nothing to hide.

You can respond by offering an apology to the consumers and explaining to them how much you value their feedback. However, if the content is fake you can assure them that it is not from you and promise to get to the bottom of the matter. 

If you would like to take the channel’s content, you can notify your consumers through email or direct message once you have resolved it. If you have a negative review or comment, it could indicate that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

Recovering your reputation after a crisis may take time, but it can yield permanent results if the process is executed correctly. It will also require a lot of resources and expertise to deliver lasting results.

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