How I Trippled My Blog’s Traffic

After presenting a group of bloggers at an event recently, I was surprised to be asked this question by someone in the audience. I was not surprised that people want to know how to get traffic to your blog – most of the bloggers is something I want to know – I was surprised that he asked for the case and who had spoken for 30 minutes on “Traffic reached your blog. After 30 minutes to share what I generate traffic to my blogs – I was asked to say what “really” works. Hmmmm – my presentation that bad … Was there something else going on here?

I sat down coffee and a person asked me to dig a little ‘deeper and the conversation, it became clear that a blogger was followed by “wonder drug”. He wanted a secret method to generate traffic to a flood of new readers to his blog, a new technology that most bloggers do not still the leaf that lifts it above the rest and bring blogging super-star. He said he had tried all the normal advice on how to get traffic – some have worked and had not found new readers and others – but now I wanted something new. What advice I can give?

I decided to share my “real” secret to the great blogging movement.

Identify what works …. and do it again …. and more … .. Improving every time

Here’s the thing – there is no technology that will give each new blog traffic.

But if you try lots of different approaches and identify what does not – even if its just a bit ‘- you are going.

To find something that works a blog, your niche, your demography, and built on it.

Here’s an example of how this worked for me:

  • A few months after the beginning of my photography website (a few years ago now) I started a group on Flickr that allowed readers to share their best photos – to show them, are critical about their work and see what than others on the site have done with their photography.

  • Readers share their favorite ones. Quickly began a forum with a specific area for sharing photos – (cleverly called “Share your photos section.)

  • This section of the site has become so popular that we are able to expand and began to “critical” in an area where people simply do not share a shot, but get some feedback on it.

  • This article was so popular that we started several critical areas – for different types of photography (eg landscape photography, portrait , etc.).

  • The Forum began early in life to do the weekly assignments to let players go out and take pictures of the same theme every week and then come back and share the best.

  • At this point, all sharing plans occurred in the forum – but I began to realize that all blog readers have visited the forum, so on a whim one day I asked readers of this blog to share their best shots ever. We had 300 comments left – most with links to their favorite photo on Flickr or a blog photo.

  • I have continued to invite readers the chance to share a favorite photo on the blog in the comments – especially when we have posted a tutorial on a specific type of photography. Always did what I had a lot of comments left.

  • Earlier this year, I decided to give photographic challenge readers’ “- to describe something like 10 feet away from them. People have responded really the idea of a challenge.

  • For this reason I decided to start a “Weekend photographic challenges’ blog – in the same week the tasks in the forum, but for those who either do not become members of the forum, or to those who wanted two challenges per week. At first they were only a few weekend (the first was a landscape), but readers have responded so well they did on a weekly basis.

  • The problems have continued to be popular, we’ve added a plugin for the blog that has allowed people to share pictures in messages (see this in action in our challenge to pet photography) – not everyone uses this feature, but increasing the participation of a lot. We have also improved the challenges of getting people to tag their photos on Flickr with a common label and a link to the challenges.

What began as a simple idea (which gives readers a place to share their favorites – even in my own site, but through Flickr -. evolved multiple ideas based on this initial idea we have always evolved idea that we have created buzz, the commitment to unity, traffic and the viscosity of the site.

Note that this process took us 3 years. The changes were gradual, we have made mistakes along the way, but spend all your time trying to find a “wonder drug” that we could simply drop the site can be heaps of traffic – something we had the promise of improved early days.

Another example of this would list our newsletter e-mail. In the early days when we tried, I was wondering if it was worthwhile to send a weekly newsletter for 100 people … but I saw some potential in it and it has grown every week, every week I learn something new about improving the newsletter and each week it was more interesting. Today is the reader hundreds of visitors every week.

Some questions to help identify what works (or what might work) with its readers and niches:

  • What are the issues that generate the most comments on your blog?

  • What are the main themes to comment on other blogs in your niche?

  • What other sites do not visit a lot of readers? What kind of activities they are doing out there?

  • What are the characteristics of readers ask for more?

  • What was your biggest day of traffic – which has on?

  • Which of your message seems to be retweeted more about Twitter and travel in most of the sites of other social media?

  • Which of your posts are increasingly linked to other blogs and sites?

  • What other sites will send you the most traffic? How can you build relationships with them?

This list could go on and on – it is really the search for life points on your site (even small) which is a form of energy or positive result occurs – and then repeating them in one way or another – seeking opportunities to advance and improve what you’ve done.

Guest Post by Impulse Blogger

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  2. Colin Long says:

    It still surpeises me how many people are looking for the golden bullet rather than getting down to work. After all like most things in life to get the most out of something you need to work at it. Fine tune, rinse and repeat. Thanks for the post

  3. plaques says:

    It just goes to show that sites that have the most interactivity with their readers are likely to do well. Having people post or link to their favorite photos is a good idea.

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