How Local SEO Can Boost Your Business

How Local SEO Can Boost Your Business -

For many businesses, the local SEO services in Montreal can truly help increase their website traffic. These services help your website rank higher in search engines so they can be found by your potential customers.

But while you can surely benefit from hiring a good SEO specialist, there are things you can do on your own to maximize the benefits you can get with local SEO.

How Local SEO Can Boost Your Business - SEO

  1. Make sure your site is mobile friendly. Many SEO experts nowadays will tell you that your website should be geared towards smartphones instead of desktops. That’s because the latest stats have found that most local search is now being done on mobile devices, and the people who use mobile are more likely to buy. Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to have a desktop-friendly site. We suggest you get a responsive website that adapts to the dimensions of the user screen, or you make 2 different versions of your website so both desktop and mobile options are covered.
  2. Start a blog. While your SEO service can do a lot to make your website more visible to Google, you’re still responsible for updating your content. A blog is great for this sort of thing, since you can write about anything. The best way to do this is to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers, and provide info and answers for them. Perhaps you can offer reviews of items, news about new technology in your niche, and top 5 or top 10 lists for the items or services you offer. Many people online look for info, but they can be encouraged to buy stuff from your site afterwards.  At the very least, you increase the visibility of your brand with your blog.
  3. Make it visually interesting. Many internet users are discouraged or bored when a site features endless pages of text. So put some illustrations on your articles. Feature colorful photos and memorable videos. The videos are especially useful when you’re trying to demonstrate a process on your blog. It’s much easier to show how something should be done, than to describe the process with words.
  4. Put your brand name and contact info on every page. You don’t just limit this vital piece of info on your “About us” page. The name, address, and phone number of your business should be seen on every page, preferably on a floating menu. It serves as a constant reminder of your brand.

Using reputable SEO services in Montreal such as Rank Media is a must if you really want to succeed in today’s business landscape. So get an SEO service you can rely on, and then make sure to follow their recommendations. You need to temper your expectations too. You won’t be #1 on Google for your favorite keywords within a week), but gradually you will increase your traffic with proper local search tactics.