How the WooCommerce Product Zoom Plugin Helps You Sell More And Faster

How the WooCommerce Product Zoom Plugin Helps You Sell More And Faster -

Most online shoppers are pretty careful when purchasing something from a new eshop. They often read some reviews and ask questions before they make a purchase. A good feature, but something that you should keep in mind as an online marketer or eshop administrator. If you want to build a reliable reputation as a new e-seller, there are several things you can do. One of those things is to create high quality product images. Because many online shoppers are aware of the possibility that an unknown eshop could sell fraudulent products, they prefer web shops where they can view full-size images of the product. In this article, we are discussing the WooCommerce Product Zoom plugin, which allows users to zoom in on your product images. How trivial it may seem, such functionality can have a huge impact on your conversions!

About WooCommerce Product Zoom

WooCommerce Product Zoom is a new plugin available through the WooCommerce store. The plugin is very user-friendly, easy to set and offers plenty of customization options. As you may know, WooCommerce 3.0 already has a built-in zoom feature. However, you do not have any customization options and options for async loading. And that’s exactly where WooCommerce Product Zoom out. And although the plugin is mainly used to zoom in on product images, it can also boost your online eshop load time.
Important features

Responsive design

Because more and more people shop online through their smartphones, it’s important that your webshop offers an excellent mobile experience. WooCommerce Product Zoom has a separate user interface, specially developed for mobile use.


Many webshops use a hover-to-zoom feature, but this is considered to be annoying and distracting by most users. With WooCommerce Product Zoom, your users have the choice whether they want to zoom in or not. There is no “hover” trigger, and they will only see the full-sized image after clicking on it. Click-to-zoom gives the user a sense of control, and that is of course also in your favor.

Progressive loading of zoomed images

If users have to wait until the zoomed image is loaded, this can cause frustrations. However, WooCommerce Product Zoom manages to load the large images almost immediately as soon as it is clicked.

Numerous customization options

The plugin offers countless customization options, allowing your click-to-zoom feature to fit perfectly with your corporate style. For example, you can set the position of the window, aspect ratio, borders and zoom factors. Woocommerce Product Zoom has a lot of customizations available: window position, mobile styling, aspect ratio, etc. etc. We are actively listening to clients’ needs and we are ready to implement more settings and options when needed.

Boost your loading times

The plugin does not load full-size images immediately, but only when prompted by the user. That means drastically faster loading times!

Excellent compatibility

WooCommerce Product Zoom is compatible with virtually all premium themes and plugins. And if the plugin does not work properly, you can send an email to and you’ll just get your money back.

Very good customer service

The team behind WooCommerce Product Zoom is very helpful and does everything to ensure you have a pleasant experience with their product. If you walk somewhere, you can always join them. They are also open for suggestions to improve the plugin.

WooCommerce Product Zoom can be downloaded here for only $ 14.