How to Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer & Get Items Free? [2024 Update]

How to Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer & Get Items Free

Are you dreaming of getting items for free from Walmart? With Spark Reviewer program, it’s possible!

Everyone should be aware that brands want people to learn more about their products. The only way to accomplish this openly was for people to utilize their products and give honest feedback.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a Walmart Spark Reviewer and get items for free:

StepInstructions & Details
1.Join the Account
Create an account on if you haven’t already.
2.Start Reviewing Products
Begin by writing genuine, detailed reviews of products you’ve purchased from Walmart. This helps establish your reviewer profile.
3.Visit the Spark Reviewer Page
Head to the Walmart Spark Reviewer program page for detailed information and requirements.
4.Apply for the Program
Once on the program page, look for an “Apply Now” or similar button. Follow the application process, filling out any required details.
5.Follow the Guidelines
Make sure to read and adhere to any guidelines or criteria provided by Walmart for reviewers.
6.Stay Active
Regularly review products on, ensuring your reviews are honest, helpful, and in line with Walmart’s guidelines.
7.Receive Invitations
If Walmart finds your reviews valuable and genuine, they might invite you to become a part of their Spark Reviewer program.
8.Review Free Products
Once accepted, you’ll receive products from Walmart for free. Remember to review them honestly and in detail, adhering to any guidelines provided.
9.Keep Engaging
Regularly engage with the Walmart community, ask questions, answer queries, and maintain a positive presence.
10.Stay Updated
Keep an eye on any updates or changes to the Spark Reviewer program to ensure you remain in good standing.

Remember, while getting products for free is a perk, the primary goal of the program is to provide genuine, helpful reviews for other Walmart shoppers. Keep your reviews honest and detailed! 🛒💡🎉

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Walmart will do this by randomly selecting people online. Walmart chooses these people based on their frequent reviews on

Online buyers are looking for additional information about what they want to buy in order to discover the truth about the product.

These thoughts are not impacted by the brand and can thus be trusted.

Walmart, like any other company looking to improve its services, Walmart picked this program and dubbed it “Spark Reviewer.”

What Is the Spark Reviewer Program?

Have you ever heard the joke, “Everything you need is at Walmart?” That is correct.

Walmart carries everything. They operate around 11,000 outlets in approximately 28 countries. Every week, the business serves about 200 million people.

Buyers can acquire practically anything they need from Walmart, including electronics, kitchen utensils, provisions, clothing, home décor, and groceries. is an online store that offers everything you need for online shopping.

Walmart offers a Reviewer program to improve customer service relationships, which is how you can become a Walmart spark reviewer.

how to become a walmart spark reviewer and receive good free?

The Spark Reviewer program aims to provide customers with 100% input through objective reviews.

Positive and negative reviews are compiled and placed on the website. The goal is to work towards client satisfaction.

So, what is a Walmart Spark Reviewer?

Now, you probably wonder, how can you become a Spark Reviewer and get freebies? Walmart chose Walmart Spark Reviewers to provide free samples in exchange for honest feedback.

Although the Spark Reviewer Program was put on hiatus in 2016, Spark is back and better than ever. Every month, reviewers receive a selection of free items to try.

They evaluated the samples and leave a 200-word comment on

How to Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer & Get Items Free? [2024 Update] - Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer

These comments steer buyers in the appropriate direction during the purchasing process.

The reviews aren’t only about whether products are the greatest or worse. It also seeks to inform other customers about the purpose of the products.

Walmart does not alter the reviews in any manner. Reviews, both favorable and negative, are posted as they are received.

Buyers can read the reviews with confidence that they have not been affected in any way, and they can purchase products with confidence that they can rely on the reviews of customers who have tested the products.

These reviews will be marked with the “Spark Reviewer” badge.

How Do I Apply to Be a Spark Reviewer?

So, now to the most important part – how to become a Walmart Spark Reviewer? The Spark Reviewer program is by invitation only and is only available in the United States.

The reviewer program operates as follows:

  • After getting chosen and receiving your invitation, register as a member and sign up for email notifications to receive sampling offers.
  • Log in to the Spark Reviewer portal after receiving an alert.
  • Choose the samples for that deal.
  • Waiting for the sample to be delivered to your home.
  • Within that time frame, test the products.
  • Please provide an unbiased review of the item.
  • Save the samples!

Spark Reviewers are chosen from among those who consistently leave reviews on Walmart products people.

Walmart, on the other hand, selects the best from the lots. If your comments are good enough, Walmart will invite you.

As a result, becoming a Spark Reviewer is strictly by invitation only. Walmart offers you an official invitation after reading your reviews.

A form has been attached for the reviewer to complete. You are officially in after the form is completed and mailed.

You are not required to stop there. While you wait for your first free samples, keep building your trust by submitting reviews. Samples are supplied to reviewers on a monthly basis.

Before that, the reviewers are given a list of products from which to choose.

How do I get accepted for the reviewer program?

Continue to write reviews.

There are no referrals or affiliates to the program.

Only by leaving comments on can you become a Walmart spark reviewer

Every time you come across a product you’ve tried, write an honest review about it for other buyers to read.

Quality comments are chosen as “potential Spark candidates.” After thorough consideration, selected candidates are invited to join the program.

Walmart chooses between reviewers on their website and invites you to the program via email and an accompanying form you must fill out.

Leave a positive feedback on the shopping site.

Walmart did not select only positive remarks. They are not picky about who they chose for an unbiased review.

Still, leaving positive feedback on acquired products is simple.

Purchase the product, sample it, and write honestly about how effective it is or is not.

Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer to Get Items Free

You can take it further by stating why you enjoy the product and why it is useful.

For example, if you purchased furniture from Walmart, you may comment on its comfort and quality.

You can also discuss how well the hue complements your home design.

How can I improve my chances of being chosen?

The key is consistency.

Do you want to be considered for the program? Write some more.

Let the site know that you enjoy sharing your thoughts on our products and assisting other buyers in making educated purchase selections.

The more comments you leave on the site, the more likely you are to be chosen.

Is the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program Trustworthy?

Yes, the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program exists. It’s as authentic as it gets.

Customers receive at least four products every month and are asked to provide a review for each item received.

Reviewers must provide an honest and unbiased assessment of the items. It is up to customers to write positive or negative reviews, and bad reviews have no bearing on program membership.

Walmart asks for no returns on the products, and reviewers can keep the items for free!

See what others have said about the Spark Reviewer Program:

What are people saying about it?

There has been some discussion online about Walmart Spark Review not being well organized.

Though sincere, online consumers believe staff should improve on personally responding to emails rather than providing an automated response.

Aside from that, the delay between filling out forms and receiving free samples is excruciating.

However, existing Spark Reviewers in the system believe otherwise. Some claimed to have received nearly 100 free samples in a month.

Is it true that you can acquire a free product sample?

Freebies on the internet can be frustrating because there is always something to pay for.

However, this is not the case with Walmart. The free samples will be tested and then reviewed. Spark Reviewers sample and remark on the site correctly.

Customers read these reviews, like them, and then buy the products. Everyone benefits from this circumstance.

So, yes, you can get your free samples from for free.

Are people invited but not given free products?

The entire purpose of the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is to have reviewers submit reviews on

Walmart chooses people for the program exclusively based on the number and quality of reviews on the site.

However, while some people receive four to six items to assess, others may receive more.

These products are delivered based on credibility, almost as an additional stage in the testing process.

More offers come your way when you demonstrate your ability to give your honest view.

What Should a Purchaser Do?

Examine the feedback.

Please understand that the reviews are genuine opinions of people who have tested the products.

These reviews are essential if you are purchasing anything from

Sift through the comments to learn more about what you intend to buy.

Check to see if you have a better option or whether your choice is the greatest, and then choose your item.

You should give the site and provide feedback on how the Spark Reviews aided your decision.

Check the comments section at all times.

The greatest place to find reliable information is always the comment section. Read the comments area on the products you want to buy.

The majority of the comments are from users who have used the products. They have a better understanding of what you want to buy.

Other Applications Like Spark Reviewer

Walmart Spark Reviewer Program isn’t the only place where you may get free product samples.

Such initiatives are also operated by other retailers such as Amazon, Homestesters, and others.

You can become a Walmart spark reviewer for a product and obtain free items by joining the websites listed below.

Vine of Amazon

Amazon, for example, has randomly selected people who voluntarily test products.

Amazon Vine is the name of their program. The program selects reviewers to send samples and provide honest product feedback.

Customers are invited to become Vine Voices by Amazon based on their reviewer ranking and helpful votes from other buyers.

It is so successful that online users continue to complement the team.

This club was also designed for internet users. Similar to Vine and Spark, the aim was to give people free products in exchange for an independent evaluation.

Users are supplied groceries and other items to test at home. For positive reviews, reviewers are asked to run the products through every feasible test.

The main reason vendors provide free items is to increase sales and reviews.

The website aggregates thousands of free items from Amazon and allows buyers to receive freebies in exchange for honest reviews.

Buyers that use can get Amazon products at the lowest possible price. Buyers can also easily apply for free samples with a 100 percent discount.

The website is a reviewer mining platform that connects vendors to potential reviewers and buyers via Amazon product listings.

It saves retailers time and effort in locating appropriate reviewers likely to review their items on Amazon.

If you wish to become a reviewer, you can contact their assistant and seek to be added to their database, where vendors will choose you.

This is an American site for internet shoppers looking for honest product reviews—this site focuses on brands and assists them in developing an open customer relations service.

Users are offered products from these brands to try and write honest reviews about.

These products are given to the reviewers to keep.

Walmart Spark Reviewers Program is legitimate, just like any other reviewer program.

It developed this review program so that people could read reviews, learn more about the products, and then make a purchase. Don’t miss your chance to join the Walmart spark reviewer program 2022 list.

Walmart expects these reviews to be unbiased because reviewers are chosen without any affiliation with Walmart.

If you try it out, you have nothing to lose because it is free.

All you have to do is continue to leave honest reviews on to boost your chances of being chosen.

If chosen, Walmart will send you an email inviting you to the program. You fill out their form and wait for your free samples to arrive.

Always provide honest reviewers buyers rely on you to make their purchases.

Summary – How to Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer & Get Items Free?

Walmart Spark Reviewer program is a program that allows selected individuals to receive free products from Walmart in exchange for writing honest and unbiased reviews. To become a Walmart Spark Reviewer, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Walmart account: You will need a Walmart account to participate in the Spark Reviewer program. If you do not already have an account, you can create one by visiting the Walmart website.
  2. Sign up for the Spark Reviewer program: Go to the Walmart Spark Reviewer program website and fill out the application form. Be sure to provide all the required information, including your name, email address, and your interests and shopping habits.
  3. Wait for an invitation: Walmart will review your application and invite individuals who meet their criteria to join the Spark Reviewer program.
  4. Review products: If selected to participate in the program, you will receive free products from Walmart in exchange for writing honest and unbiased reviews.
  5. Share your reviews: Share your reviews on and other social media platforms to help other customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Note: It is important to remember that the Spark Reviewer program is invitation-only, and not all applicants will be selected to participate. Additionally, Walmart reserves the right to select or reject participants at its discretion and to discontinue the program at any time.