How to Choose a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting, And Do You Need One?

How to Choose a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting, And Do You Need One? -


Probably needless to start off by saying that today almost everyone uses WordPress, and as we all know, WordPress is no longer associated with the word “blog”, since it can be used for virtually any type of website, from e-shop to auction -sales platform. Most modern businesses choose WordPress because of its’ security, flexibility and rich customization options. Most of us, medium to big business owners, once started small, and we watched our website grow together with our business. Choosing a reliable website hosting right from start, which offers a room to grow — is extremely important. And what can be more reliable and stable than Amazon Cloud servers? This is why so many entrepreneurs choose as their web hosting platform. I am sure many of our readers are already familiar with their service, but for those of you who aren’t — was launched 10 years ago as a web design agency, but 3 years later, company has changed its’ profile and started offering managed WordPress Hosting. This was a huge  and extremely successful step, since WordPress hosting industry is estimated at around 1 Billion dollar. Today, WordPress powers nearly a third of all the websites online, making it a significant player in the tech biz.


While doing your research and comparison, most likely you came across various hosting providers and found that the price of managed WordPress hosting is significantly higher than the price of an average so-called “shared hosting”, which most companies offer, starting at just a few dollars a month.  I am sure you have wondered, why is there such a big difference in price… Is managed WordPress hosting really that much better? And a key question, which every starting entrepreneur asks himself — do I need managed WordPress hosting for my site? To answer both questions in one — yes, managed WordPress hosting is significantly better, and yes, if you are serious about running your business and expanding, you won’t be able to do so on a dirt-cheap shared host. I am sure we all know that by now, either from bitter personal experience, or at the very least – based on common sense.


So, although some might say that hosting plans provided by are expensive, they are pricy for a good reason: you get a hosting service specifically tailored for WordPress needs, i.e. hassle-free installation, including server compatibility with all the plugins. Not to mention top-notch support, provided by WordPress experts, which sure comes handy at times of web-related crisis.  Their server is powered by Amazon Cloud, which for most of us is a synonymous word with stability and durability. The main advantage of Pagely, is that they offer room to grow, so any business can then scale their hosting plan vertically, without worrying that at some point the hosting provider wouldn’t be able to accommodate their needs. When your hosting service is dedicated and focus on just running WordPress smoothly, you can relax and concentrate on building and developing your website, while the staff behind Pagely will take care of all the necessary security updates, software updates and daily backups. Those of us know who have been down the path of saving on hosting providers, know the pain of constantly solving silly server issues that pop up infinitely, while you try and put your website together. This is why medium to large sized business, including biggest names in the industry, such as VISA, Twitter, Verison, Comcast, Ebay and Facebook, have chosen to trust Pagely.

To sum it all up, here are some of the key features and benefits of using

  • Amazon servers provide unparalleled speed for your WordPress website.
  • NGINX/OpenResty HyperProxies deliver unbeatable performance. Moreover, Pagely utilizes PHP7 and Redis to accelerate the WordPress experience ever further.
  • With built in HTTP/2 SSL acceleration, your “https://” pages will load almost twice faster.
  • No more lost websites, because your whole website and database will be backed up daily to Amazon s3 servers.
  • REST API is available across all the hosting accounts.
  • Upper tier plans are also come packed with SSH + GIT + Staging + WP-CLI.
  • Updates are handled by the host’s technical team, this includes software updates, security updates, and plugin updates.
  • Even the smallest (cheapest) plan allows SSL, HTTP/2 and comes packed with Memca Custom Cache Engine, PressDNS™, PressARMOR™ for advanced security, PressCACHE™ for better performance, 100 GB of PressCDN™ (Global CDN for WordPress), and 20 GB of SSD disk space.
  • Higher tier plans are obviously tailored for advanced needs, with bigger disk space, RAM, better caching engine through Redis and tons of other benefits, such as dedicated IP, CLI Sync Tool, and more.

Bottom line:

If you are just starting and testing the water of the online business, forking out big sums of money on a top notch hosting server could be a waste, since your website most likely won’t be big enough to appreciate all the premium benefits. However, if you fall into the category of medium to large scale business, if you run an e-commerce website, a news portal or any other popular and busy website that requires unbeatable performance and stability, choosing a managed WordPress hosting is your best bet. Good Luck!