How to Earn Money On Twitter – Download Free Ebook

You probably have heard that some people, for example, even teenagers,  earn money by posting tweets? How is that possible, and can you do that too?

Yes, you can.
You can earn money with tweets by first and foremost ensuring that you have followers who actually read and follow what you tweet and who trust you. A high-quality network of followers, so that you really follow and read what you Twitter.

If that is the case, followers will increasingly read your tweets and logically also click on the links that you have in the tweets. You have to build trust and show that you offer value, you want people to take you seriously and click on your links. But earning money via Twitter is not easy. You really need loyal followers and also many followers.

Automatic fake followers do not help here. In addition, the information you tweet really should be worth following and reading for you so keep tweets relevant and tuned to the things your target audience and followers want to read (create targeted content, specifically tailored to the target audience).

If you make sure that your tweets are well read by posting good information that your followers have something, a number of followers will automatically click on links and you may earn money there, depending on the earnings model you apply.

Affiliate marketing for example. Build a fire on Twitter by actively participating. That also means: discussing with your followers (what do they tweet, go into that). And above all: make sure you come across as a real, serious Twitter user, so that people take you seriously. Complete your profile + photo with it. Make sure your account looks professional. In the following links more explanation about making money with Twitter: