How Do I Enter a Referral Code in Google Pay?

How Do I Enter a Referral Code in Google Pay?

Google Pay is an online payment platform that lets you send and receive money quickly. The platform was initially launched in 2022 as Android Pay and in 2022 as Google Pay. 

In India, this platform is based on UPI, also known as Tez. Users can enter a referral code in Google Pay to deposit a certain amount in their wallets and win prizes.

Google Pay also uses certain advertising features to attract users. The Rangoli stamp was one such promotion launched in India last year for Diwali. Users had to collect five Rangoli stamps to win prizes worth one lakh Indian rupees.

You can pay the electricity bill, book a ride, reserve movie tickets, transfer, and receive money through this platform. This app is supported on all platforms and has the support of networks from all over the world. Users can even use Google Pay on watches, but this feature is only available in a few countries.

This article will explain how to enter a referral code in Google Pay and earn the rewards.

Add referral code in Google Play via the app.

Here are the steps to enter the referral code in the Google Pay app. Open the Google Pay app on your phone. Enter the Google pin. Scroll down with the cursor and tap your profile picture at the top. After that, tap on Invite. Here you will see a referral code. Now select the medium for the invitation from the list. 

You can choose from several options, from Whatsapp to LinkedIn to Bluetooth. In the screenshot above, I have shared the code via Whatsapp. You can choose any of the platforms available on your device. Now share the referral code with your friends.

Every time a person enters your code, you and that person will get the reward.