How to Extend Your Android Battery Life

How to Extend Your Android Battery Life -

Many people often have problems with the operating time of their phones or tablets offline. In this article I will give you some useful tips on how to make your battery work on.

Calibrating the battery android device. This process is also called “pumping” the battery. Who would not say that, but it helps. The process itself is quite primitive. After purchasing your phone or tablet on Android, you need to make a few cycles “charge-discharge”. This phone is discharged to a complete loss of pulse, until he passed out himself. And charge up to 100%. Do this five times, it would be sufficient.

Battery Calibration on Android – a good way to extend the life and increase its capacity

Cut down Wi-Fi, when not in use. Even if the network to which you connect your gadget is not available as “wafer” conneted- battery will be consumed. Turn off wifi in sleep mode. This can be done in the advanced settings, Wi-Fi, select the check box “After turning off the screen to turn off Wi Fi”.

Cut down WiFi in sleep mode

Close unnecessary applications. Unused, but running the program as well eat battery life. To see the list, press the right of the three Android buttons and swipe gesture unnecessary applications to the right or to the left.

Periodically, close all unnecessary

Check to see if anyone eats the battery in suspend mode. This will help you CPU Spy program. It monitors CPU activity. Start it in the upper right corner click Settings, click Reset Timers and translate android device into sleep mode. 5 minutes later, wake up the device and also click the Refresh button.

CPU Spy. Pay attention to the strip of Deep Sleep

If all is well, the program will show that your CPU is most of the time sleeping. Deep Sleep strip just shows the time, which is resting percent. If you it is small, and percent working in sleep mode, it is necessary to look for the problem in the installed programs or the device itself.

Use static wallpaper and the standard launcher. It is not so “cool”, but your machine will have used less system resources. But if you’re willing to sacrifice speed for the sake of beauty and comfort, as I do not follow this advice.

These simple steps outlined in this article will help you to significantly increase the operating time of your device battery life. Hope this helps!


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