20 Ways How to Find YouTube Influencers for Your Brand in 2024

how to find youtube influencers

Are you looking to expand your brand’s reach on YouTube? Do you want to tap into the power of YouTube influencers but don’t know where to start? In this article, we will guide you through the 20 ways to find YouTube influencers for your brand in 2024.

YouTube influencer marketing is a powerful tool to connect with your target audience authentically. By partnering with the right influencers, you can improve your brand’s credibility and increase engagement. However, finding the right influencers on YouTube can be daunting. With so many creators out there, how do you choose?

That’s where we come in. In this article, we will provide you with strategies to identify and connect with the right influencers for your brand. From utilizing YouTube search filters to collaborating with YouTube networks and agencies, we’ve got you covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding your target audience is crucial in identifying the right YouTube influencers for your brand
  • Social listening tools can help you find potential influencers who are already talking about your brand or industry
  • Using YouTube’s search filters can help you discover top influencers based on metrics such as subscriber count, views, and engagement
  • Collaborating with YouTube networks and agencies can provide access to a network of influencers and offer insights on effective social marketing strategies
  • Influencer marketplaces can help you discover the right influencers for your brand and navigate through them effectively
  • Engaging with YouTube communities can help you identify influential members who can potentially become brand advocates
  • Analyzing influencer metrics and assessing brand fit is key to ensuring a strong alignment between the influencer’s content and your brand values
  • Reaching out to YouTube influencers effectively involves crafting personalized outreach messages, building authentic relationships, and creating mutual value propositions

Understand Your Target Audience

Before embarking on your hunt for the perfect YouTube influencer, it is fundamental to have a deep understanding of your target audience. Knowing your target audience’s interests, values, and preferences can help you identify influencers who are most likely to resonate with them and, consequently, generate a greater impact on your brand.

To better understand your target audience, start by analyzing your current customer base. What are their demographics, behaviors, and needs? What motivates them to engage with your brand? Collecting this data can help you uncover insights into your audience’s interests and identify potential characteristics that they may share with other individuals.

Another practice to consider is monitoring social conversations around your brand and industry. Look for common themes, pain points, and buzzwords that could inform your influencer search. This intel can help you identify the key topics, creator types, and content formats that resonate with your audience and guide your influencer outreach strategy.

By understanding your target audience, you are setting yourself up for success and can make informed decisions when searching for the perfect influencer. Continue reading to learn how to use social listening tools to further your influencer search.

Use Social Listening Tools

When searching for YouTube influencers for your brand, it’s important to start with a solid understanding of your audience and industry. Once you have a clear understanding of who your target audience is and what they’re interested in, you can begin using social listening tools to find potential influencers.

Social listening tools allow you to monitor social media platforms, including YouTube, for mentions of your brand or topics related to your industry. By keeping an eye on these conversations, you can identify influencers who are already talking about your brand or industry and engage with them to build a relationship.

Tip Use keywords related to your industry and brand to set up searches in social listening tools. This will bring up conversations that are relevant to your brand and help you find potential influencers.
Tactic When you find a potential influencer through social listening, engage with them by commenting on their content and sharing it on your own social media channels. This will help you build a relationship with them and potentially open the door for a collaboration.

Remember, social listening is a long-term strategy that requires consistent engagement with your target audience and the influencers you find. By using social listening tools, you can discover potential influencers who are already aligned with your brand values and have an engaged audience.

Utilize YouTube Search Filters

If you want to discover top YouTube influencers, utilizing YouTube’s search filters is a great place to start. The platform’s filters allow you to narrow down the search to influencers who have significant impact on their audience.

One of the primary filters you can use is subscriber count. This filter helps you find influencers who have a large following and can help you reach a wider audience. Another filter to consider is views. This filter helps you find influencers whose content generates a lot of views, indicating a high level of engagement.

Filter Description
Subscriber Count Finds influencers with a large following
Views Finds influencers whose content generates a lot of views
Engagement Finds influencers whose content generates a high level of engagement

Using these filters in combination can help you find the right influencers for your brand. For example, an influencer with a large subscriber count who also generates high engagement on their videos can be a great fit for your brand.

Keep in mind that while these filters can be helpful, they are not the only factors to consider when searching for influencers. It’s important to evaluate the influencer’s content and values to ensure they align with your brand’s goals and message.

Collaborate with YouTube Networks and Agencies

Partnering with YouTube networks and agencies is an effective way to discover YouTube influencers for your brand. These partnerships offer access to a vast network of influencers who can help amplify your brand’s message and increase awareness among their audiences.

These networks and agencies have in-depth knowledge of the YouTube ecosystem and can help you identify influencers who align with your brand values and target audience. They can also provide insights on proven social marketing strategies and help you optimize your outreach efforts.

Working with YouTube networks and agencies offers several benefits, including:

  • Access to a large pool of influencers
  • Expert knowledge of the YouTube landscape
  • Insights on effective marketing strategies
  • Streamlined influencer communication and management

When looking for a YouTube network or agency to collaborate with, make sure to choose one that aligns with your brand values and has experience working with similar brands. This will ensure an effective partnership that can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Leverage Influencer Marketplaces

One of the easiest ways to find YouTube influencers for your brand is by leveraging influencer marketplaces. These platforms connect brands with influencers and simplify the collaboration process, eliminating the need for extensive research and outreach efforts.

There are several influencer marketplaces available today, each with its own set of features and functionalities. By browsing through these platforms, you can quickly discover influencers who align with your brand values and audience.

Some of the most popular influencer marketplaces today include Upfluence, AspireIQ, and Trend.

When using influencer marketplaces, it’s important to keep in mind that these platforms are often crowded with competitors looking for the same influencers. To stand out and increase your success rate, make sure to personalize your outreach messages and offer a clear value proposition for the influencer.

Additionally, be mindful of your budget and make sure to negotiate fair compensation for the influencer’s services. This will not only help you build a strong relationship with the influencer but also ensure that they remain motivated and committed to promoting your brand.

Engage with YouTube Communities

Building relationships within YouTube communities can help you find the right influencers for your brand and potentially turn influential members into brand advocates. Here are some tips to identify and engage with YouTube communities:

  • Search for relevant communities: Use YouTube’s search function to find communities related to your brand or industry. Look out for communities with high engagement and activity levels.
  • Join and participate: Once you’ve found relevant communities, join them and start participating in discussions. This helps you build relationships with the community members and understand their interests and pain points better.
  • Identify influential members: Look out for members who have a high engagement rate, high subscriber count, and a large number of video views and comments. These members may also have a strong social media presence outside of YouTube.
  • Reach out strategically: Rather than sending outreach messages immediately, engage with them by genuinely commenting on their content and showing interest in their work. Once you’ve built a rapport, send a personalized message that highlights how your brand can provide value to them and their audience.

Remember, building genuine relationships with members of YouTube communities takes time and effort. But the long-term payoff of finding influential members who can potentially become brand advocates make it worth it.

Analyze Influencer Metrics and Brand Fit

As you begin to narrow down your list of potential YouTube influencers, it’s crucial to analyze their metrics and assess their fit with your brand. By doing so, you can ensure that you are partnering with the right influencers who can truly drive engagement and conversions for your brand.

Metric Description What to Look for
Subscribers The number of people who have subscribed to the influencer’s YouTube channel. Look for influencers with a substantial number of subscribers, but also consider their engagement rate relative to their subscriber count. An influencer with 100,000 subscribers and a 10% engagement rate may be more valuable than an influencer with 500,000 subscribers and a 1% engagement rate.
Views The number of views an influencer’s videos receive. Consider the consistency of views across all of the influencer’s videos and look for an upward trend over time. Also, analyze the demographics of the influencer’s audience to ensure they align with your target audience.
Engagement Rate The percentage of an influencer’s audience that engages with their content, including likes, comments, and shares. Look for influencers with a high engagement rate, as this indicates a deeper connection with their audience. However, consider the type of engagement as well. An influencer with a high number of comments but low likes and shares may have a highly engaged but niche audience.
Brand Fit How well an influencer’s content and values align with your brand’s identity and mission. Assess the influencer’s content to ensure it is relevant to your brand and aligns with your values. Also, consider the influencer’s past brand partnerships and collaborations, as this can indicate whether they are a good fit for your brand.

By analyzing these metrics and assessing brand fit, you can ensure that the influencers you partner with are not only popular but also relevant to your brand and capable of driving meaningful results.

Reach Out Effectively

Reaching out to YouTube influencers can be nerve-wracking, but it’s an essential step in building successful partnerships. Crafting personalized outreach messages is key to grabbing their attention and making a lasting impression.

Start by doing your homework: researching their content, understanding their audience, and identifying what makes them unique. This knowledge will help you tailor your message to suit their interests and show that you’re genuinely interested in collaborating.

Make sure your message is concise, clear, and personalized. Use their name, and open with a compliment – it could be as simple as acknowledging their creativity or thanking them for inspiring your brand.

Emphasize the mutual benefits of collaborating and how their content aligns with your brand values. Remember that they receive numerous outreach messages, so make sure you stand out by offering something unique or a new perspective they may not have considered before.

When it comes to building relationships, authenticity is key. Avoid sending generic emails, and strive to create a mutually beneficial partnership. Engage with them organically on social media, share their content, and promote their work.

Remember that influencers are human beings with feelings and goals, not just marketing tools. Show respect and value their expertise, and keep the conversation open and transparent.

By reaching out effectively and building authentic relationships, you can increase your chances of influencers collaborating with your brand and reach their loyal audience.


Congratulations! You have now learned the top 20 ways to find YouTube influencers for your brand in 2024. Incorporating YouTube influencers into your marketing strategy can elevate your brand and help you reach a wider audience. Remember that finding the right influencer is key. They should align with your brand values and have an audience that matches your target demographic.

Understand your target audience and use social listening tools to identify potential influencers who are already talking about your brand or industry. Utilize YouTube’s search filters to discover top influencers. Collaborate with YouTube networks and agencies, leverage influencer marketplaces, and engage with YouTube communities to build relationships with potential influencers. Analyze influencer metrics and brand fit to ensure the influencer’s content aligns with your brand. Finally, reach out effectively to increase the chances of influencers collaborating with your brand.

Remember that building relationships takes time, so be patient and authentic. Take action now and start finding the right YouTube influencers for your brand. Your brand’s success is in your hands!