How to Get Facebook Fans & Improve Business Exposure? more Facebook likes and notice the number of visitors to your blog or the website increasing. When a fan clicks your like button, it becomes a promotion to your website. The same way when you have a like button of face book installed in your website it is able to promote your Facebook profile. This way a Facebook button could be used on two ways to improve your business. Due to this reason, it is important to get more Facebook likes. The more of them you get the more will be the popularity of your website. There are quite a few ways to get free likes.One way is to post a status update on your website mentioning about your Facebook page. Invite your visitors to join you in your Facebook fan page. Very often your visitors will do as you say. Also you need to provide them some reason to join. Provide something interesting such as news or some interesting content.

You will get an opportunity to get more likes to your Facebook page when you take part in a social event with your friends. What you need to do is to take a lot of photographs and post them in your Facebook page. Then tell your friends about the photographs and ask them to tag themselves with those pictures. Also you could get them to post their own pictures on your page. Both ways you will get traffic to your site.

You also could create dynamic landing page for Facebook. When you add a reveal tab, only your fans will be able to see its content. When you have quality content posted in the page, a visitor cannot do anything other than to like it. This is a good way to get more Facebook likes. Installing a Facebook like box in your web site is a good way to get free likes from your visitors without asking them to go to your Facebook page. They could click on the like button in your website itself.

In case you have a twitter page, you have the option to get your twitter followers to become your Facebook fans. This also will allow you to get more likes. You might have to send all your posts to twitter with a link back to the pages in the Facebook.How to Get Facebook Fans & Improve Business Exposure? -

In case you are engaged in email marketing, you have a mailing list. Use this mailing list to inform your subscribers about your Facebook fan page. You could also include a link to your page in the mail to enable your subscribers to visit your fan page effortlessly. You will get more Facebook likes when you do so. Right now, Facebook Likes have become officially more important to Google and other search engines’ search result pages and rankings. Also, there are whisperings that “likes” are beginning to measure up as a form of backlink. Every online business would be concerned on how to increase their business Facebook Likes this year. Facebook is the social media platform with the largest number of active and passive users. Building a reputation on Facebook means a whole lot to any online business.

Here are top tips on how to increase your Facebook Likes:

  1. Send request to people via email and ask them to like your Facebook page. This is a basic but effective technique. Of course, most of your friends and family members would love to like your page. These people may not all be your target audience, but this can help to enhance the legitimacy of the whole thing.
  2. Incorporate your Facebook URL anywhere possible – on your site and blog. Include a URL or an icon to your email signatures and business cards. Also, include links from other social media or business platforms such as LinkedIn. A link to any of your present or past presentations would be a great idea as well.
  3. Embark on cross-promotion of your Facebook Page on your other social media accounts – Twitter, LinkedIn and even your personal Facebook Page.
  4. Integrate a Facebook Like box on your blog, so that those that already “like” your page will be visible to others.
  5. Consider putting up a Q & A on your Facebook wall. Ensure that the answers are from experts on each given question. If such expert is popular, a lot of people are likely to come to your page as a result. Even the Q & A on its own is powerful enough to draw people to your social media page.

Indeed, Facebook Like button has come to stay and would give your business a leap when you generate quality ‘likes’. If you need to buy cheap facebook likes, we would strongly recommend the company we have been working with for a long time, —, they deliver real fans in a totally legitimate way, and the fans are yours for life unless you really scare them all away.

Article written by Jeff Matthews and Thomas J Mark.

  1. Belly says:

    Thank you for these informative news! I’ve been wondering about the best direction to take my fbook page & how to increase interaction with my followers. Thanks, again!

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  3. Caro says:

    Today Facebook is more than just pokes and likes. It is an essential marketing tool that is quickly becoming a must-have in our digital day and age. Today companies are using Facebook to reach their audience on another level through helpful tools and features designed specifically for interactive usage. #OnlineMarketing

  4. I agree. It’s very true. Social media like FB can increase number of visitors in your blogs thus it’s really vital to have FB “like” button in your posts. Thanks for the tips. Surely helps!

  5. Eric Rynne says:

    Nice info! I like the idea of holding a social event and then taking lots of pictures and then asking friends to tag. Solid work. Thank you for your blog.

    – Eric

  6. grey oaks naples florida says:

    Getting many Facebook fans can mean that your business is liked by so many people. This can also be a sign of popularity of your site. If you have many likes then you should also be able to convert the people who like your page to be your loyal customers.

  7. Apart Hotel says:

    Facebook is the best social media site now a day . its best social media site to advertise your business . and it has a lot of repo today in the market of social media

  8. These are great tips to get more facebook followers, but do you think that facebook is a great platform to offer your services. In my opinion the social media are not that efficient.

  9. Facebook is well renowned in all over the world as a great social network. Now, for business promotions FB is also used by companies by making fan pages and by it they get FB likes.

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