How to Get More Twitter followers fast and free

Ever dreamt of getting 100+ twitters overnight? Or even more? 500? Now, it’s possible in the most legit way, with
Twiends works on the simple principle — follow others and get credits, when you have credit points, others will follow you. Some people, for example, offer 10 points in exchange for a follower, and you can set your credit on 2 points per follower, in other others you earn 10 points for following person X, and then you have credit for 5 new followers, it’s that simple. Plus you can get free credits for various things; email subscription, referring other members, blog posts and so on.

How to Get More Twitter followers fast and free - blog

Main Advantages?
You can buy credits by subscription and watch your followers count going up every day. This is really ideal if you are participating in programs like Sponsored Tweets, where you are paid to tweet, based on your followers count. It allows you to get even thousands of followers fast, and most important — without having to follow back and ruin your quality score ratio.
You also have a choice of sorting followers based on country and interests match, which allows you to narrow down the audience to a very targeted group of Twitters.

Just like any other popular service, you will get a few abusers who think they bypass the system by creating fake accounts, so some of your followers won’t be real (I know they are not real if they have 1000+ followers and not even single tweet!). Of course it’s a very small percentage of them, maybe 5% based on my experience, but just be aware of that. Moreover, some members unfollow, after they have earnt the credit for following you. That’s rather annoying, but maybe if I was an interesting Twitter I’d have had better chances of keeping my fans. I don’t use Twitter all that much so I can’t really tell how well does it perform for me.

The only thing I can be sure about, that it instantly will boost your followers count, I got 400+ new fans in less than a week, and I didn’t even need to return the favour, as long as I have credits on my account. If you are serious about your Twitter business and this social network i valued to you, you are going to love Twiends because this a great pain-free way to gain popularity.

I personally wouldn’t be concerned all that much about those who unfollow you, because they lose credits earnt (only they are not aware of that, yet), so most likely they would want to earn them back and have to follow you once again. Also, don’t be worried about the fake accounts, after all the number of followers often has a psychological impact. Ashton Carter has 3 millions of followers, does anyone care if even half of them are not real? ;) So go grow your network now, it’s free!

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