How to Grow Your SaaS Company Using SEO

How to Grow Your SaaS Company Using SEO - SEO

Growing a SaaS business can be a challenge. Not only is there a lot of competition in the SaaS marketplace, but SaaS companies need to solely use digital marketing and sales tactics to get in front of decisionmakers at companies that may have need of their SaaS solution. That is why many SaaS companies are turning to SEO. Not only is SEO a great way to get in front of people already looking for what a SaaS company can provide, but it’s also a much more organic way to scale a business. 

That being said, a SaaS SEO framework needs to fit in with a SaaS company’s business model. In order to do this, a SaaS company should engage with an SEO agency that specializes in SaaS. However, with so many self-proclaimed SEO agencies that don’t deliver on their promises, you need to make sure you have a good understanding of what you are getting into. With that in mind, here is how SaaS companies can use SEO to grow their businesses.  

SaaS SEO Ranking Factors

Before getting into the actual growth tactics of SEO, you need to understand the factors that actually apply to SaaS businesses. Although SaaS businesses typically have more technically sound websites, this is not always the case. To check on whether your website is effective, you’ll want to analyze your user engagement metrics. These can be tracked in Google Analytics, and include dwell time (how long someone stays on your site), how they interact with your content, page views, and site bounce rate. 

Altogether, Google considers who engaged users are using these metrics and more. Any good SaaS company should be able to set up a website with proper UX design in mind to make sure that users take the appropriate action on the webpage. If they don’t, or consistently leave the site due to technical issues, it is unlikely that they will want to invest in your SaaS software, and Google itself won’t invest in ranking your website.  

Keywords, Content, Links

Keywords, content, and links are the core pillars of SEO. Without any of them, a SaaS SEO strategy is dead in the water. The first place to start is with a fresh round of keyword research. When doing so, make sure to engage with an agency that has a lot of experience with SaaS, as there is more nuance to this than you would think. After finalizing your keywords, you’ll want to look at your SERP competitors for that particular keyword group and study them. You’ll next want to build out a content asset that rivals or exceeds your SERP competitors. Finally, you’ll want to build links to that content asset to make sure that it ranks for your SaaS-related keyword. 

While this may sound simple, the process of doing SaaS SEO requires a lot of disparate research that comes together into a singular strategy. While you can certainly create this strategy on your own, making sure that your website is technically sound and set up for user experience is a challenge in its own right. In addition to this, you need to make sure that your keyword research si built on a proper foundation, and that the content and links you build to the content are both of high quality.

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    Thanks for the advice, they’re most useful.

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