How to Set Up a Seed Box on a Server

How to Set Up a Seed Box on a Server -

Things You’ll Need:

Virtual family headwaiter (VPS) explanation after base access

Secure bombard (SSH) broadcast (OpenSSH, PuTTy, etc.)

Bit cataract lobbyist after web edge (TorrentFlux, Transmission, rtorrent, etc.)

Your Darling web browser


Use your anchor bombard broadcast to right of entry your relative family server. If you are administration Linux, accessibly access a behest incurable and category “ssh ‘hostname'”, anyplace “hostname” is your server’s IP address. For instance, if your server’s IP abode is 123.4.567.890, you would category “ssh 123.4.567.890”.


Type the behest “sudo apt-get update.” This ensures so as to all the software on your headwaiter is up to date, and mechanically updates it if it is not.


Type the behest “sudo apt-get deploy ‘bittorrent client'” anyplace “bit cataract client” is the autograph of the bit cataract lobbyist you are using. For example, if you were installing TorrentFlux, you would category “sudo apt-get deploy torrentflux”. Make assured you be on familiar terms with the MySQL password on your headwaiter in action your bit cataract lobbyist asks for it throughout installation.


Type the behest “sudo mkdir ‘path/to/folder'” anyplace “path/to/folder” is the alley to the binder anyplace your bit cataract lobbyist behest accumulation your downloads. For example, if the download binder you are creating is located at /mnt/download, category “sudo mkdir /mnt/download.”


Type the behest “sudo chown www-data:www-data ‘path/to/folder.'” This gives usergroup “www-data” access and communicate permissions to your download folder, which behest be basic for your bit cataract lobbyist to use it.


Use your Darling web browser to steer to your bit cataract client’s web interface. For example, if you are by means of TorrentFlux, you would steer to “http://’yourdomain’/torrentflux” anyplace “yourdomain” is the branch allied after your VPS hosting account.


Navigate to “Settings” or “Preferences” in your bit cataract client’s web edge and set the alley of your download folder. This is the similar binder you shaped in Step 5.


Find a .torrent binder of amazing you aim to download and ape it in your new seedbox by means of your bit cataract client’s web interface, and activation downloading.