How to Transform Your Paper-Based Office into A Paperless One with QR Codes?

How to Transform Your Paper-Based Office into A Paperless One with QR Codes? -

Every office has a strong liking towards paper. From simple notes to important work, everything is printed on paper. Mainly, because it has always been a part of getting things done. It is the most basic tool and it gets the job done. 

However, it doesn’t mean that it has always been there; it is the best choice. Offices just haven’t used other mediums, preventing them from discovering a better alternative to paper. But in reality, going paperless is a much better choice.

Why Go Paperless?

Paper can be misplaced, crumpled, thrown, and bulky to store. Make the transition to digital and you immediately experience the benefits.

How to Transform Your Paper-Based Office into A Paperless One with QR Codes? -

Everything can be accessed immediately, passed from one colleague to another effortlessly, and is easy to stock and set aside until the time that certain information needs to be pulled out from the archives.

So, it is not much of a question of whether or not going paperless is worth it, but rather, how do you properly implement it?

Have A Bulletin Board

One thing that paper has an advantage over digital is that there is something that can be physically touched. So, it provides that sense of security that it is there and people know where to get it.

The easy solution to this dilemma would be with the help of a bulletin board. Everything that goes into the digital space will be posted on an actual bulletin board. This will inform anybody that one thing is present and where they can get it.

Convert Digital Materials to QR Codes

Once you have gotten your bulletin board up and running, the question is, what should people put on it?

To make it completely effective, the answer to that question should be QR codes . A digital material will be converted to the image and that will go up on the bulletin board. So, people who need it will have easy access to it with the scan of their smartphone. To make one you can integrate to use PDF QR code

What Can You Convert?

You might be wondering, is there any limitation to QR codes? At some point, would there be technical challenges that need to be overcome?

It might be hard to believe, but it is very rare to reach the limits of QR codes. The technology is versatile and flexible. So, if you can think of it, it is possible to do it.

Here are the things you can convert.

1.  Manuals and Guides

Inside the office, there will be manuals and guides on different things. It may be how to use certain office devices or standard work procedures. Whatever it may be, you can convert it to a QR code.

The best way to do this is to get a hold of the PDF file of the manual, if it is available. With the use of the best QR code generator online, you can immediately use it to create a QR code. 

If there is no PDF file available, make one yourself. Scan the documents or convert an encoded version into a PDF file. After that, simply perform the next steps mentioned earlier.

2.  Forms

Don’t forget about forms. Employees are bound to fill up a leave form, medical absence form, and many more.

It can be easily converted into a PDF file that can be accessed and downloaded by anyone in need of it. Through the conversion, you can incorporate the use of a PDF QR code to your paperless integrations.

On a different approach, the filled-out form can be converted to an image. Then, create a QR code for it. It will be as easy to access and submit as using a PDF file.

3.  Work Documents

If there is one type of paper that fills every table, it is the paperwork of the work at hand. They pile up, and when that happens, it is hard to find the most important ones and some can even be lost.

Just like the first two on this list, the paperwork at hand can be converted into a PDF file or a word document. But in the event that the file gets too big, it can be uploaded as a Google document. Simply get the shareable link and use that in creating a QR code that can be shared in the office.

Add a Call-to-Action

Don’t forget that all QR codes look similar. So, if you line them on your bulletin board, it would be hard to differentiate what one is for. Therefore, don’t forget to add a call-to-action to hint what that QR code is for.

Depending on your QR code generator, wether you use Otix or something else, you can also personalize the image to a certain extent. You can change the color and add a logo, among other things. So, you can further hint what the image does and who it is intended for.


While paper isn’t perfect, the paperless alternative isn’t as well. There are some challenges when you put everything in the digital space. However, QR codes give alternative solutions to these dilemmas.

What once seemed like a huge hassle has now become negligible. As a result, going paperless has become more convenient over anything else with the use of a QR code generator with logo like QRTiger.