How to Use Instagram Analytics Tool

How to Use Instagram Analytics Tool -

In August 2016 Instagram released a massive update – business profiles. This is a set of useful tools that assist in business development. A special “thank you” I want to say to the developers for the built-in statistics: no longer need to use the services of outsiders to learn about the effectiveness of publications and target audience account. All this now has within the application itself, and today we’ll show you how to use statistics to promote the account.

How to connect statistics Instagram

When you run an update instagram promised to make the statistics available for business profiles, and personal, but as long as this function is in the personal account is not active at all. Therefore, to use statistics, you need to connect business profile. To do this, tie the account to a page on Facebook. If your project there are no pages, create it – it takes less than five minutes. Once the business profile is set up, in the upper right corner of the screen next to the statistics icon appears with the account name, and under each post, which will be published from now – the inscription “View statistics”.

What is the publication of statistics

Each individual publication has its own statistics. It is formed of three indicators: shows, coverage, involvement.

Impressions – the total number of publications of views, that is, every time someone sees the post, the figure increases. Even if the same people had seen the post 10 times, each time will be considered as a new show.

Coverage – the number of unique accounts that looked publication. Number of views the publication with the same account are not taken into account. It is this different coverage from the show. A good indicator, which should strive, can be considered as 30-50% of the total number of subscribers. That is if your profile is signed by 10 000 people in 3000-5000 coverage of unique accounts, will be good!

Engagement – the number of unique accounts that put in fasting Like or comment. To understand how things work in your profile with the level of involvement, are repelled by the rules, it should be about 10-15% of the total coverage. That is if your post was viewed 10 000 unique accounts, engagement should not be less than 1000.

Watch out for these indicators to understand what the posts, topics, issues of concern subscribers the most. First of all, this is indicated involvement. Reach and give an idea of ​​how the publication is effective if people share your post, send each other, return to it after a while, these figures will increase.

What is your account statistics

If you click the icon Statistics in the upper right corner of the screen, you will see the data for the last week. It contains information about the activity on your profile, which reflects the 4 indicators: shows, coverage, profile views, clicks on the site. On the first two terms, we have already told, referring to the statistics publications. Let’s see what the views and clicks to your website.

Profile views – the number of people who have seen the description of the profile and the home page. Be careful how much detail it is filled and if there is all the necessary information – name and title of the project, its specificity (what you do), how to contact you.

Hits to the site – the number of times people have clicked on the link in the description of the active profile. We recommend adding a link to your site, and if not, a link to the profile of Facebook. So the customer will be easier to get acquainted with your project! And do not forget to remind the selling posts that link to the site – in the profile. This increases the number of clicks.

Find Your Top Publication

Ranking of the best publications – another useful feature, which is reflected in the general account statistics and helps to analyze the effectiveness of posts. You can adjust the rating on the type of publication (photo / video), in terms of (impressions / outreach / engagement / huskies / comments) and time (posts per week / month / 3 months / All Time). This tool allows you to keep track of the best posts and to take into account in the further work parameters such as the time of publication, the photo style, size and theme of the text. Use these valuable data, and create exactly the content that is interesting to your audience!

How to analyze the information about subscribers

In-Page Analytics account separate unit dedicated to subscribers. In addition to the total number and the number of new subscribers in the last week of data is collected and the time the other day of the week, when subscribers behave most actively. And there is information about the field of geography and age of your audience. For example, some projects use the English language to describe the profile, although 80% of their audience live in Russia. In this situation, statistics help make a real understanding of their subscribers and focus on them. Be sure to use these parameters when creating content, setting up advertising and choice of bloggers for cooperation!

We recommend to start using this tool – it reflects the real results of your work on the account, and therefore help to understand if you are going the right direction and that really like your audience