How To Use Situational Marketing To The Fullest?

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We all admire the wittiness of companies responding to some social events or interesting social occasions. It makes us relate to what is said on that poster more and thus entices to make an awaited purchasing decision. However, some tries to use a certain occasion for marketing purposes are straightforward failures and unforgivable mistakes. So where is this fine line between being witty and going down in flames with situational marketing?

To begin with, no one can deny the importance of marketing today. Given that everyone recognizes it, the competition is incredibly tough. By creating the ad that would resonate the most with the audience you have a chance to be seen, heard and subsequently bought. Otherwise, the majority of efforts just turn into the white noise for prospective clients. Being relevant and responsive that is what sometimes counts the most in the modern marketing setting.

How To Use Situational Marketing To The Fullest? -

Tips On Using Any Situation To Your Advantage

Curious about how to impress your prospective customer? Well, we do definitely offer thinking out of the box and relating to the real-life situations. Here are our most relevant recommendations for creating decent occasion-related content and efficiently reaching the target audience:

  • constantly keep track of all events: to do this, read the media that promptly write about important news. It is better to follow the agenda by the whole working team by sharing some latest memes and the loudest digital news;
  • brainstorm as much as you can: some of the coolest subjects for this kind of marketing are the premiere of the cult films like “Star Wars”, political battles or high-profile news. When there is news on the agenda that can be turned into something value-adding, opt for creative teamwork, intense brainstorming, during which you together come to a good idea;
  • consider the brand impact:  always think of the following question “how will situational marketing affect the brand?” Even if the idea seems to be a win-win. Materials on the topic of the day can work both for you and against. In particular, if the joke concerns the feelings of believers or people with strong views on certain sensitive topics;
  • be witty: the best situational marketing is distinguished by sharpness. If a person sees the content and considers it a cool one, he or she will feel on the same page with the brand. For the tide of loyalty, it is still important that the idea is innovative – if the user has already seen something similar in other public places, there will be no effect.
How To Use Situational Marketing To The Fullest? -

To crown it all, people love discussing things. Whether in the YouTube channel comments or on some influencer Instagram post. If you are capable of stirring a debate over something that matters to many people, you have to turn it into a profit-generating effort. In other words. go for high-quality content to raise interest to your brand and subsequently products. The most efficient way to do this is by being creative, open-minded and ready for experiments.