How to Win Over Your Competition Online


In today’s mobile-first world, not only are people shopping less and less in physical stores, they are shopping less on a computer as well. People are so busy, and constantly on the go, that they do most of their shopping on their mobile phones. Studies show that more than half of online purchases are made via mobile devices.

Anyone owning an online business has a great advantage of having an amazing platform to sell their products or services to their many potential customers who are shopping online. But, although there may be many people looking for their product, they need to be easily found so that people can actually get to their website and shop. There is so much competition these days that it is really not so simple to land your place on top of the search engine result page.  However, with a bit of effort and work, you can stand above your competitors and win the top place in the SERP, earning you more customers!

Here are Some Tips to Stand out From Among your Competition:

  • Excel at Customer Service

It doesn’t matter what type of business you own; providing your customers with superior customer service is of utmost importance. Showing your customers that you stand behind your product or service is essential in keeping your customers happy and satisfied, which will translate into returning customers, and referral traffic as well. Of course, there will always be that unhappy customer who is difficult to placate. But the way you deal with that customer will make all the difference. If you made a mistake, make sure to admit the error and make things right for them. If they are just plain old difficult, it still may be worth giving in to them in order to make them happy.  

Training your customer service agents with the motto: “the customer is always right”, is an old saying that still rings true. Most of the time. Medical Scrubs Collection, an online nursing scrub store is the example of a company that takes customer service very seriously. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy throughout their entire shopping experience. It sounds simple, yet many businesses are lacking in this area. The key is to be shown, reasonable and realize that by giving your customers a great shopping experience you are not only gaining a one time customer, hopefully, they will return to, shop on your site and let their friends know about you as well.

  • Create a USP

Before you can convince others to shop at your store, you need to be sure that you have something to offer to your customers, that your competitor do not. Developing a unique selling proposition is vital in standing above your competitors. You will need to sit down and ask yourself- what does my business stand for, and what makes my business stand out? Many businesses make the error of trying to excel at everything which really isn’t possible, and will make you lose out on the USP factor. If you mobile-first to be known for everything, you will wind up not being know to excel in anything. Once you figure out what your USP is, you will need to work on standing out in that area and make it clear to your customers that this where you excel.

  • Excel in Areas Your Competitors Lack

It is a good idea to take a look at your competitor’s site and see what they are missing, and where you can step in and elevate the shopping experience for your customers. Learning from their weaknesses will help strengthen your business, and help grow it.

These are just a few relatively easy, yet essential tips that will help you stand out among your competitors and win the traffic that you rightfully deserve!