HTML to Xhtml – Where is the Change?

According to me the cornerstone of whole Internet structure is HTML (Hyper Text Markup language). It is used to make a page live on Internet. All the pages which are running on the Internet are encrypted in HTML language and this cements my perception. Though the second generation language “XHTML” is taking control over the regime set by HTML, like a young successor of an old yet powerful king.
The prominence of HTML was due to its easy-to-learn and friendly characteristics. I used ‘was’ doesn’t mean that the language is out of fashion, as many people still use it, but it has its substitute ready. Easy application of HTML flooded the virtual world with number of websites budding to thrive and the proliferation is still on.
After many revised versions of HTML, HTML 4.01 is the last one defined by W3C on 24th December 1999, as new alterations in language will give rise to many other versions or new languages but the base will be HTML only. For future languages HTML is considered to play a potent role. There are many who say that HTML is out and XHTML is taking the stage, but for me it is hard to separate the two. XHTML is derived directly from HTML 4.01 version and is designed to be used with XML. On 26th January 2000, W3C recommended for XHTML version 1.0 and it has been published already.
Few differences between HTML and XHTML. HTML is a language of freedom where if you violate any rule, you will not be prosecuted but in XHTML a strict adherence to the rules is must. Fortunately, its structure and coding rules are very straight and easy to implement. The real purpose of these rules is to allow a seamless integration of XHTML with XML and other related “X” such as XML , XPATH, XSL, and XSL technologies.

  • XHTML documents must be well-formed.
  • There must be a DOCTYPE declaration
  • All included elements must be closed.
  • The value assigned to an attribute must be enclosed in quotes.
  • All elements must be properly nested.
  • All tags must be written in lower case.
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